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A respectful pact with the future

Through its RePack strategy of sustainable product development, Quadpack makes a commitment to recycling, replacing, reducing and reusing packaging materials

As a packaging provider, Quadpack carries a big responsibility: to manufacture products that are respectful to the environment. Sustainable innovation is the key to achieve this goal, and the main driver to its product development approach, which includes creative design, research into new materials and increasing awareness about the lifecycle of every packaging solution. Based on the 4Rs of resources management, meet Quadpack’s RePack strategy:

Recycle – Quadpack is committed to the development of products that are easily disassembled and recycled. Glass, PP, PET and PCR components, as well as mono material packs, in which all parts are made from the same material, are being increasingly adopted.

Reduce – Either by launching lighter versions of our traditional packaging or developing new products that require less material, Quadpack is consistently investing in high-quality packaging with reduced material usage. Lighter glass bottles and weight-reduced plastic jars are some striking examples of successful reduced products.

Replace – Through research and development, Quadpack is opting for more renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials, replacing fossil-based components. Wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, ocean waste plastic and bio-based, microplastics-free material (Sulapac) are some of the rising stars of this replacement strategy.

Reuse – As part of its commitment to extending the lifecycle of packaging, Quadpack is investing in refillable solutions that enhance sustainability, reduce waste and minimise carbon footprint. Wood and glass components that can be easily reused and repurposed are important elements of its design and product development.

Quadpack is aiming to ensure that each and every one of its packaging solutions embodies at least one of the 4Rs, while encompassing all of them is the ultimate goal. By offering a range of products clearly built around the 4Rs, Quadpack keeps helping brands with a practical route towards sustainable packaging. The RePack strategy is setting the foundations for what Quadpack wants to achieve: a more sustainable manufacturing chain that cares about the people, the planet and helps to increase its positive impact on society and the environment.

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