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The world is our lab

Meet Community Lab, one of the themes of #qppackfuture that will help you understand what’s to come.

Suddenly, our homes stopped being the place where we could disconnect from the outside world to becoming our whole world. These are now multifunctional spaces where we not only eat, sleep and play but also work, exercise and socialise, even if remotely. Struck by a global pandemic, we’ve realised we’re part of a much larger community than we once believed, although our mobility has never been so restricted. It’s a big, small world.

Community Lab is one of the themes presented by #qppackfuture this year, as part of in-depth research made by Quadpack’s Design team to understand how people’s lives will be in the next years. "Although we developed these concepts before the COVID-19 situation, it’s never been so clear that we’re living in a true Community Lab. The pandemic has certainly accelerated the needs and behaviours of society to think closer to home and what that space and experience means for them," says Katie Hoddinott, Quadpack Design Team Leader.

Being part of a community is now a complex equation which includes a sense of belonging, a common desire for change and a digital, fluid space where boundaries are blurred. The result is a much more conscious consumer who makes choices based on values and doesn’t want to be labelled.

Flexible and multipurpose solutions are on the rise. Refillable, customised products are the perfect match between practicality and personalisation. To show how the Community Lab theme could be developed into real-world solutions, the Design team has created some inspirational prototypes that go straight to the point: a fidget compact spinner which is both a toy and a solid formula pack, a multi-product pack with refill cartridges targeting the users’ individuals needs and a refillable pen that can hold make-up, solid fragrance or skincare. The consumer decides how to mix, match and even decorate the pack for an enhanced personal experience.

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