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Smart manufacturing, in the region, for the region

The fourth article of Quadpack’s packaging development series dives into our manufacturing processes and capabilities – and how they help beauty brands perform

The future is here, and there’s no better place to see it than inside a smart manufacturing site. New technologies, efficient factories and agile processes are the new competitive advantages that help industries to innovate and thrive. We invite you to discover how our manufacturing teams work to deliver the perfect packaging for each client:

To be(spoke) or not to be(spoke), that’s the question – Clients can either decide for one of Quadpack’s standard products or for a bespoke solution. If that’s the case, the manufacturing team, with the help of our engineers, must provide technical and industrial solutions to the packaging, considering the budget and the deadlines set by the client. From the mould to the tooling, these products sometimes require a new set of equipment that can be produced internally, using state-of-the-art technologies, or by our carefully chosen partners.

Creativity in 3D – When developing a bespoke solution, our team often needs to print a 3D mock-up in our rapid prototyping centre to study the technical requirements of each product.

Sustainable materials – Plastic is still the most popular choice for cosmetic packaging, and brands are increasingly opting for more recyclable and recycled versions of these polymers, like PP and PET. Quadpack’s factories are totally equipped to make packaging in an endless range of plastic materials. More clients are also asking for natural solutions, and our wood factory is a leader in the cosmetic packaging industry. Quadpack is currently expanding its range of monomaterial products using plastic, wood and biobased materials like Sulapac®.

Green efficiency – Clients are increasingly demanding for sustainable products, manufactured in a sustainable way. That’s why Quadpack has been investing in efficient energy and circularity projects in our factories. One of the highlights is a biomass plant in Quadpack Wood, to be inaugurated this summer, that aims to reduce the factory’s carbon footprint to zero.

Smart, local solutions – Brands from all over the world have been demanding more agile and local services in packaging. Quadpack is able to significantly reduce lead times for its clients, thanks to its extensive manufacturing capabilities in the region, for the region. Our teams are working towards delivering local manufacturing solutions to all its clients, wherever they are, by transferring knowledge and machinery to its global sites.

Follow our packaging development series and discover more about how Quadpack strives to help your beauty brand perform.

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