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Beauty trends to watch in 2021

New consumer behaviour and expectations will drive changes in the cosmetics industry

2020 has been a challenging year, where businesses have had to test their resilience, innovation and agility. A forced change in routine due to COVID-19 has left its mark on behaviours and expectations, and 2021 starts on an uncertain note for many cosmetics businesses, although some trends can already be seen out there. As New Year knocks on the door, we share a small selection:

Virtual experiences: While physical stores have temporarily lost prominence, online traffic has skyrocketed. Branded social media filters, virtual try-ons and online flagship stores are only a few examples of all things beauty going digital.

Clean and sustainable formulas: Although more relaxed, the hygiene trend will leave its mark and people will keep the habit of cleansing hands and bodies, without leaving the planet behind. Formulas and ingredients are being scrutinised more than ever by consumers.

Self-care and pampering behaviour: Skincare, bath care and hair care sales have had a good performance in 2020, according to a McKinsey report. The ‘spa at home’ is a big trend, some examples being the rise in candles, soaps and aromatherapy sales.

Do it Yourself (DIY) products: With beauty salons closed or considered unsafe by some consumers, DIY categories as hair colouring, hair removal and nail care are gaining popularity.

Family packs: Mintel points out that budgeting behaviours are driving beauty and personal care brands to develop better pricing for products in regions more affected by the crisis, exploring options like family packs.

Make-up’s revival: According to an NPD report, 80 per cent of women say they will return to their regular make-up usage after the lockdown. There’s a real desire to go back to former beauty routines.

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