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Sulapac, one of the best solutions for sustainable packaging

The biobased, compostable material gives life to Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack

On the first anniversary of the partnership with Sulapac, we interview Quadpack’s Sustainability Champion, Lyne Hélène Bouchard, about the main features and possibilities of this innovative and sustainable material for the beauty industry.

What’s to celebrate on this first anniversary?

I think we all agree that we need to do something in order to save our planet and that we cannot continue like we have been doing for the last 50 years. We have chosen to partner up with Sulapac, one of the most technologically advanced companies in biobased materials in Europe, and we couldn’t be happier. It represents a very important shift. As packaging suppliers, we must give sustainable options to our clients and guide them with innovative solutions that are good for the environment. Sulapac’s organically recyclable material perfectly matches our sustainability strategy, which aims to have a positive impact on the environment.

Is Sulapac more sustainable than plastic?

Sustainability is not just one idea. Quadpack is currently developing many solutions to reduce, recycle and replace traditional plastic for more sustainable options. When we talk about what’s good for the environment, Sulapac is one of the best solutions because it helps reduce pollution and the microplastic problem. In fact, it biodegrades leaving no permanent microplastics behind, even when it’s misused and ends in nature.

How can beauty brands benefit from Sulapac® material?

It is one of the best options for brands that believe in biodegradable materials and want to reduce microplastics pollution. Sulapac® is plant-based and recyclable via industrial composting, which is ground-breaking because it’s safe for people and the environment by design. Now, Sulapac® is evolving into more and more receptive material for the beauty industry. Currently, it is perfect for oil-based and non-water-based formulas. In a few months, Quadpack will launch a new barrier, also completely biodegradable, that will have the perfect barrier for water-based formulations.

Tell us about the current range and future launches.

Currently, the Sulapac® Nordic Collection offers 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars in nine different colours inspired by Nordic nature. In 2021, we will launch a 200ml jar that answers our clients’ demands for hair and body care options. Future launches include new capacities and formats, like stick products.

How is the market welcoming Sulapac®?

It’s a relatively new material compared to conventional plastic materials, and we’re happy to see the increasing interest in the Sulapac material. They want to make a difference, be more sustainable, responsible and welcome the advantages and accept some of its constraints. Sustainability is a journey, and in Quadpack, we call it ‘Road to Positive Impact Packaging’. We’re not there yet. Nobody is. But we are getting out of our comfort zone, finding the courage to do something, putting our efforts together with clients and partners, and making big and significant differences for the generations to come.

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