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Sulapac: the first year of a successful partnership

Quadpack celebrates the anniversary of an innovative agreement that aims to have a positive impact on the planet

It was December 2019 and Quadpack was celebrating the best year in its history, marked by two acquisitions, the entry into Euronext Growth and a sales record. The icing on the cake came with the announcement of a long-term partnership with Sulapac, a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of biobased, compostable material. The year ended on the happiest note: a promising collaboration for sustainability.

On its first anniversary, there is much to celebrate. The successful launch of Sulapac® Nordic Collection represented a breakthrough in sustainable packaging, while new solutions are under development. “Thanks to the good marriage between our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and Sulapac’s innovative material, we’re at the leading edge of our industry. The path ahead is exciting and full of opportunities,” celebrates Jeremy Garrard, Quadpack’s Market Development, Design and R&D Director.

Currently, the Sulapac® Nordic Collection offers 15ml, 30ml and 50 ml jars in nine different colours. The next launch, in 2021, will be a 200ml jar, perfect for body and hair care formulas.

Ami Rubinstein, Sulapac’s deputy CEO, remembers the choice of Quadpack as a preferred partner, a year ago. “We wanted a partner with a proven record in serving the cosmetic segment with quality and passion, but also committed to developing its business to become more sustainable, both in the short and long-term,” he says. Being a top 10 European beauty packaging provider with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Quadpack met their expectations. “Together, we are offering solutions that no other player in the industry can mimic.”

The next steps of the partnership are to develop more products for the Sulapac® Nordic Collection and to expand Quadpack’s own Q-Line range using Sulapac® material. “By combining our areas of excellence, we can help the cosmetic industry to become more sustainable – without compromising functionality or aesthetics. Today and in the future,” summarises Ami Rubinstein.

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