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20 years of wood – a successful journey

Quadpack celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first global beauty packaging project in wood, a landmark that heralded an era of success stories

The creation of the wooden fragrance cap for Burberry Touch for Women in 2001 represented a landmark for Quadpack and the cosmetics packaging industry. The first global beauty launch that used wood as a packaging component put the material on the map alongside glass, metal and plastic. Since then, Quadpack has developed innovative, sustainable packaging solutions in wood for fragrance, make-up and skincare brands.

“Our history is marked by challenges that were overcome one by one,” says Jaume Ordeig, Key Account Manager of Quadpack Wood. In the early 2000s, beauty brands were not convinced about wood’s functionality, sophistication and large-scale manufacturability. Launching such a premium, global beauty product as Burberry Touch helped Quadpack break down some initial resistance.

The second groundbreaking project was Issey Miyake’s L’Eau de Issey, a full fragrance bottle in wood. “It was a completely new technical challenge: a wooden container with specific requirements in functionality, shape and aesthetic refinement. The resulting product helped convince the market that we were capable of developing products with the highest technical complexity,” says Ordeig.

After several innovative projects in fragrance, Quadpack was challenged by Guerlain to develop a bespoke wooden compact for its Terracota collection, successfully launched in 2012. Typically associated with masculinity, wood was then used for a beautiful feminine make-up product.

Two decades after the first launch that redefined wood for the beauty industry, Quadpack keeps breaking barriers. Earlier this year, it launched Woodacity, a patented full-wood solution for skincare and fragrance packaging, with no plastic inserts. Besides being a natural material, all Quadpack’s wood components come from sustainably-managed forests.

Quadpack is recognised by its clients as a pioneer for introducing wood in beauty packaging and a market leader for its extensive technical knowledge, automation and sustainability of its factory. Guided by its ‘positive impact’ sustainability strategy, Quadpack continues to advance in environmentally respectful packaging. “We had a dream of putting wood centre stage in our industry. It is gratifying to see that dream fulfilled beyond our expectations. Today, we provide truly sustainable and premium packaging with a promising future in beauty,” concludes Ordeig.

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