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‘Wood and beauty packaging’, an exclusive white paper

Quadpack debunks the myths and serves up the facts about this natural material

A versatile and sustainable material, wood has been used for creating aesthetic impact since times immemorial. More recently, wood attracted attention for its endless qualities: functionality, strength and beauty, breaking ground as an optimal solution for environmentally-conscious industries. There are, however, some myths surrounding wood harvesting, manufacturing and performance.

Quadpack has published a white paper entitled ‘Wood and beauty packaging’, in which it examines facts and misconceptions about this material. Here is a summary of its content.

Sustainably-managed forests

A common misconception regarding wood is that forestry is damaging for the environment. In fact, a sustainably-managed forest helps to preserve biodiversity and regeneration capacity. European forests, for instance, are growing. Over the last three decades, the forest areas in the EU have increased 9%, thanks to effective legislation and responsible forest management. Certifications like FSC® and PEFC™ are excellent ways to identify sustainably-sourced wood.

Climate change mitigation

Wood has the unique ability to help reduce both CO₂ emissions and CO₂ stock levels, Wood is an effective carbon sink – trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it through photosynthesis. When a tree is harvested, the carbon stays in the trunk and branches, effectively storing the carbon until the end of its lifecycle.

LCAs and sustainable wood processing

How can one predict the impact a packaging solution has on the environment? One of the best ways is by using a data-driven methodology called a life-cycle assessment (LCA). This framework helps technicians conduct comparative studies between products, and wooden components have shown excellent results when compared to glass or polypropylene, for example. LCA studies also show that the manufacture of wood requires far less energy than any other beauty packaging material.

Functional and fashionable

Technically sound, beautiful and tactile, wood is used creatively since ancient times. For the modern consumer, the presence of wood gives a sense of sophistication, timelessness and sustainability to any product. Quadpack was among the pioneers in using wood for beauty packaging with a sleek cap for the fragrance Burberry Touch for Women in 2001. Since then, wood has been embraced by fragrance, make-up and skincare brands worldwide. With the explosion of natural and organic beauty and wellness products, wood is now considered a fashionable material that helps narrate the story of the brand. Products like Quadpack’s Woodacity®, the first wooden closure system that functions without inserts, mean that wood now also adds functionality as well as aesthetics.

Want to know more? Download our exclusive white paper ’Wood and beauty packaging’.

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