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Cellular Goods launches lab-made cannabinoid skincare

Using a unique science-based approach, the UK brand partners with Quadpack on its new wellness range

Cannabinoid skincare has never been so trendy. While experts project this market to keep growing at a double-digit rate, representing an astonishing 10% of the total global skincare industry by 2024, consumers are increasingly demanding science-based products that stand out from the crowd of beauty launches.

UK-based Cellular Goods relies on synthesised cannabinoids, particularly CBG (cannabigerol), to stay ahead of the competition and offer research-based skincare solutions. The brand claims that lab-made cannabinoids contain fewer impurities, given they are not exposed to pesticides or environmental pathogens, and more sustainable than more commonly used plant-derived alternatives. Unlike many skincare brands that use CBD, Cellular Goods opted for the lesser known but more effective CBG to provide soothing, antibacterial, and antioxidant benefits.

To protect its delicate formulas, the brand partnered with Quadpack to develop the perfect packaging for its new Cannabinoid Face Oil and Face Serum, both available in 30ml versions. “Cannabinoids are particularly sensitive to oxygen, light and heat. Since we’ve seen many in-market products packaged inappropriately leading to cannabinoid degradation, it was essential to our brand promise of offering best-in-class, high quality products that we selected the most effective packaging to maintain the integrity of our formulas and by extension, provide consumers with efficacious products,” says Melissa Santolini, Cellular Goods’ Lead Project Manager.

The chosen pack was the 30ml Skin Up bottle from Quadpack’s QLine portfolio, with a lotion pump and overcap for the serum, and the high viscosity push button dropper for the face oil. Skin Up is made in glass, a recyclable material that also preserves the product. Both the face serum and the face oil are decorated in matte white spray coating and black silk-screen to protect the formula from light.

The Cannabinoid Face Oil and Face Serum are sold on the brand’s website and are currently available in the UK.

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