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Premium wellness blends enhanced with biobased packaging

Australian brand Swisse Wellness opts for refillable Sulapac jars for its new range of premium wellness blends

Australian brand Swisse Wellness continues to innovate within the growing market of edible beauty and wellness supplements with a new range of premium blends. The new range Swisse Earth, is a collection of four blends that provides immune defence, collagen boost, energy support and beauty cleansing- using ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients, for the formula, as well as the packaging.

The brand offers the biobased 200ml jar from Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack as a complimentary gift to regular subscribers as a refillable packaging solution that leaves no microplastics behind.

The new range is cruelty-free, vegan and contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings, and the blends are formulated with local ingredients from Australia and New Zealand.

The opportunity to work with Quadpack on such a unique packaging solution was a great experience

Ana Laskova, Swisse Associate Director said: “During development, it was important that the range was good for consumers’ wellbeing, the community and the planet. Our mission was to reflect this approach, from the ingredients, through supplier relationships, to the packaging.”

The 200ml Sulapac® jar met all the criteria set by the brand, being functional, unique, aesthetically coherent with the premium image of the brand and having minimal impact on the environment. “The opportunity to work with Quadpack on such a unique packaging solution was a great experience,” said Laskova.

The Swisse Earth range can be purchased at swisse.com.au/earth and Chemist Warehouse (Australia).

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