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Dopamine beauty: this 2023 trend is all about colour!

Mood-boosting tones and fun decorations are dressing the latest beauty launches

Popularly known as the ‘pleasure molecule’, responsible for providing well-being and regulating mood, dopamine is also the influence behind one of the hottest cosmetics trends. Marked by intense, lively designs that aim to cheer consumers’ spirits, ‘dopamine beauty’ products apply the psychology of colours to packaging and decoration.

Since the pandemic, well-being has become the main priority for consumers – and the market has answered their needs by launching uplifting makeup and skincare products. Fun packs and applicators that allow self-expression and use colours to enhance optimism and happiness are on the rise and will continue in 2023.

The sensory experience of the pack is key to the dopamine beauty trend, not only shades, but also textures and even scents help to create a ‘feel-good’ effect. Often, packs work in tandem with formulas, developed to provoke the same alluring experience.

As dopamine beauty packs are more about aesthetics than functionality, they can be found in multiple forms. The latest launches are packaged in tubes, droppers, sticks, airless solutions; even secondary packaging follows the trend. Many of the new products target the young generation and are also highly attractive for pictures and videos on social media – an added value that doesn’t go unnoticed!

Quadpack can manufacture and decorate solutions for dopamine beauty products. Custom designs can be uplifted with joyful decorations, from photographic-quality digital print and textured finishes on wood, to full hot-foil stamping, metallisation and more – all applied in-house at our facilities in Europe.

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