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Quadpack starts airless manufacture in the Americas

Strategic partnership with Colt’s Plastics brings production close to clients in the region

Quadpack is bringing production of its prestige airless products to the Americas. Thanks to a partnership agreement with US injection moulding company Colt’s Plastics, it will be offering its best-selling Regula Airless Refill range locally to brands in the region, with shorter lead times and a reduced carbon footprint.

Colt’s Plastics was selected as Quadpack Official Partner following a thorough review of manufacturers in the Americas. Based in Connecticut, the long-established manufacturer boasts a solid track record in PET injection moulding for cosmetics packaging and has full decorating capabilities. It holds an EcoVadis Silver Medal and is a member of the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Vice-President of Quadpack Americas Anthony Le Minoux said: “Colt’s Plastics is a great fit for Quadpack. It mirrors our strengths in PET injection, service levels and sustainable best practice. It is exactly the partner we need to meet market demand for ‘Made in USA’ premium airless packaging. This first move into local production paves the way towards optimising our industrial footprint in line with our strategic objective of smart, regional expansion.”

Regula Airless Refill is the first range to be introduced. This high-end solution offers all the benefits of airless technology – formula protection, a high restitution rate, precision dosage and 360-degree usage – and combines them with eco-design.  Featuring a metal-free pump, it houses a refillable mechanism that allows easy removal and insertion of refill cartridges. It is available in PET or with post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET.

Colt’s has successfully trialled 15, 30 and 50ml moulds in PET and PCR PET and is preparing for full-scale production in 2024.

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