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Stylish & squeezable: a new tottle collection for beauty on the go

Quadpack’s tottle range is growing, made of recyclable materials and with PCR options

Tottles are hot! This classic format is back with a bang. Easy to use and safe to carry around, tottles are the perfect ally for on-the-go skincare and makeup. This versatile solution can hold many different formulas, from sunscreens, serums and bronzers, to foundation and blush, allowing brands to effortlessly extend their offer. Quadpack is expanding its collection with original shapes and handy applicators, offering a fresh perspective on cosmetics packaging. All are made of recyclable materials, with LCA-based environmental impact data available on each one.

Oval Tottle: curvy sophistication

The Oval Tottle combines stylish design with practicality. Travel-friendly and impact-resistant, it is ideal for face and hand creams, as well as sunscreens and masks. The tottle comes in 35ml and 50ml, with mono- and multilayer options, including an EVOH barrier for greater protection from the elements. Made of recyclable plastics (PE and PP), the monolayer version supports up to 50% PCR content in the bottle and cap.

Nau Tottle: charmingly practical

The Nau Tottle is designed for ease of use and precision. Its elongated, flat shape makes it perfect for eye treatments and serums, ensuring no product goes to waste. The 15ml pack fits neatly into a purse or handbag, so you’re never without your beauty essential! Made from PE and PP, with up to 50% PCR in the bottle and cap, it comes in monolayer and three-layer (EVOH) configurations.

Torso, Uruk and Warka Tottles: monomaterial classics

The Warka, Torso, and Uruk Tottles are monomaterial solutions aimed at brands who value both design and environmental responsibility. Made entirely of PP, these tottles are durable, extremely flexible and fully recyclable. Up to 50% PCR can be included in the cap and reducer. Available in 30ml and 50ml, they are suitable for a wide range of product viscosities and types, such as face creams, sunscreens and foundation.

Category Specialist Mónica Arcos said: “There’s something satisfying about using tottles. They are comfortable to hold and their squeezability gives you a sense of control. Tottles are perceived as a more premium product than standard tubes and we’re seeing a surge in demand. We’re always working to offer the best solutions and that’s why we are opening up the choice with trendy shapes and sizes. By adding decoration and textured finishes, brands can give a whole new twist to their beauty products.”

Tottles are an area of innovation at Quadpack’s Creative Hub. It is currently developing new tottles, focusing on fresh aesthetic shapes, with applicators that add functional value and improve the user experience. The Creative Hub also creates bespoke designs for brands who want a solution totally adapted to their product and image.

If you want to discuss how tottles can support your products or would like to get involved in the innovation process, contact your Quadpack representative or send us a message here.

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