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Quadpack expands Creative Hub to US

American brands can now also participate in the beauty packaging innovation process

Beauty brands in the United States can now plug into the packaging innovation process through Quadpack’s Creative Hub. Already established in Europe, the transversal team includes market researchers, designers and engineers working together with innovation partners in diverse areas of specialisation. Its collaborative approach allows the company to boost innovation and connect more deeply with brands. Working alongside its European counterparts, the US team is also establishing new partnerships in the Americas.

Director of Market Development Pierre-Antoine Henry, who heads up the Creative Hub, explained: “It is an open innovation platform embracing the whole packaging eco-system. By engaging brands during the R&D process, we are creating a community of Quadpack ‘influencers’, who have access to a constant flow of value-added innovations that bring a benefit to consumers. It’s our way of bringing competitive value to brands, to help them bring the hottest thing to market.”

The Creative Hub generates value that is unique to Quadpack, fulfilling unmet needs or creating new demand by improving on what exists. Pre-launch involvement allows brands to launch cutting-edge innovations without the capex involved in bespoke solutions. Early feedback ensures that new concepts are aligned with their audience and brand equity.

Through themed roadshows and tailored presentations, The Creative Hub shows brands how new concepts can be adopted to help them deliver on their claims. The first US roadshow was held in May, focused on cosmeceuticals. Anthony Le Minoux, Vice President of Quadpack Americas, said: “It was a resounding success, giving us some great feedback on over 20 brand new concepts. We are excited to share this capability with our key clients and help them stay ahead in the game. We encourage them to challenge us and see the magic that comes out of it.”

Do you want to get involved and see what’s coming up? Get in touch with your Quadpack representative or send us a message here.

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