Metal Large Stylo Square

Product Description

Soft square metal large stylo with a guided mechanism.

Clean and modern design with a touch of luxury added by aluminium

Technical Features

  • Top performance: smooth mechanism.
  • Variety of closures: click and screw types.
  • Decoration options: whether it is plastic case (colour matching, metalising, silk screening) or aluminium case (anodising, double anodising, silk screening, hot stamping).
  • Custom options: complete shape tooling or emboss/deboss logo tooling available.
  • Meeting AQL requirements: ISO, QC, Clean Room (if required).
  • Reference PLS00210352
    Material Metal
    Shape Cross Section Square
    Cup Size 11
    Outer Height 80
    Outer Length 17
    Outer Width 17
    Neck Types Snap On
    • Coating
    • Hot Stamp
    • Silk Screen