At Quadpack, people are at the heart of our purpose of taking care and giving back for future generations. Our diverse teams and truly international working environment are some of our biggest strengths! We are proud to have Quadpackers of more than 40 different nationalities, helping us build a work environment of inclusion, flexibility and collaboration.

Our culture is based on teamwork and generosity, where all Quadpackers work together as One Team; our Achievement mindset helps us to be focused on transparency and efficiency. We are proud to foster a healthy workplace, which results in trust, accountability, and a genuine drive for success and excellence.

As a B Corp, we believe in making business a force for good, having a positive impact on all our stakeholders. Through the Quadpack Foundation, we offer volunteering and support for educational and environmental projects, supporting the communities that have given us a home.


Management style

We are proud to promote a culture of open, transparent and inclusive communication, where all Quadpackers can feel listened to and valued. We invest in our leadership's development to foster a participative management approach, valuing different opinions, backgrounds and needs. At Quadpack, work-life balance is truly encouraged, and our ethical policies make sure everyone’s rights are respected and promoted.


Learning & Development

We believe in ‘lifelong learning’ – there’s no limit to our personal development! We are constantly developing Quadpackers’ key competencies, offering them many learning opportunities to support the creation of their own development path. Besides our comprehensive Training Book, focused on critical knowledge and skills, Quadpackers continually participate in cross-functional projects, where they learn from each other.

Development is regularly tracked through several tools and projects: from our annual performance review to competence-based assessments, we always use data to improve people’s skills and opportunities.


We love to work as One Team! Across all teams and geographic regions, Quadpackers are always open to share knowledge, collaborate and find solutions together. In all our locations, Quadpack promotes special events and initiatives to strengthen relationships: conventions, teambuilding activities, global challenges, special celebrations and volunteering opportunities. We take care of each other, and we work together to give back to society.


Benefits at Quadpack

We strive to provide Quadpackers with a good benefits package, focused on supporting their physical, financial and emotional wellbeing. Our compensation and flexibility offer is constantly evolving, based on Quadpackers’ needs and feedback. Although benefits may vary by office, country and manufacturing realities, we are always finding ways to provide the best solutions, wherever our people are based. 

Health & wellness

Taking care of Quadpackers' health is one of our priorities.
medical checks

Medical checks


Supplemental health insurance


Work-life balance

Financial wellbeing

We work on providing compensation and options that give our employees financial peace of mind.

Competitive compensation


Profit-sharing scheme or bonus scheme


Annual cross-company internal and external equity analysis and adjustments


Flexible retribution when possible

Flexibility & time off

Providing the time you need to recharge, and the flexibility to get your best work done is key for us.

Paid time off, including vacation, bereavement, sick leave, parental leave, disability, holidays, and location festivities


Hybrid work model depending on the role and location


Depending on your location, the offices and manufacturing facilities could be closed from December 23rd until New Year's Eve


Flexible schedule opportunity to ensure a work-life balance


Different office locations available worldwide

Community & personal development

Providing room and opportunities to grow on your own, with your teammates and the community.

16 hours per year to volunteer with the Quadpack Foundation


Online platform with over 50 different trainings to choose from


Cross-collaboration and opportunity to learn from other Quadpackers


Regular Performance Development Reviews

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