Trend-setting solutions for tomorrow’s makeup

Quadpack provides smart, innovative and on-trend solutions for makeup packaging, thanks to a combination of expertise and trend knowledge. We are specialists in lipsticks, pansticks, dip-in packs and dispensing systems, adding value through ease of filling, functionality, sustainability, consumer convenience, and much more.

Quadpack’s makeup innovations are always informed by our in-house Market Insights team to ensure our systems perform well with new formulas and products coming out in the market, blended with inspiration from other markets like fashion, art, and architecture. We are able to offer a complete solution, with creative finishes and decoration, for a result that’s focused, original and totally on-trend.

  • Better application

    Intelligent application & dispensing systems informed by the latest consumer demands.

  • Positive Impact Packaging

    Recyclable materials and refillable systems to maximise product sustainability.

  • Multifunctional

    Smart packaging for increased product usability and a better experience.

Browse our makeup packaging

Enter our online catalogue to view our selection of lipsticks, pansticks, dip-in packs, dispensing systems and more to meet your packaging needs.

Recent news for make-up

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