Trend-setting solutions for tomorrow's make-up

In our Make-up Division, we constantly endeavour to create smart, innovative and on-trend solutions for the make-up packaging world. Smart packaging is our strength. We develop innovative packs, often upgraded from existing concepts, which are closely aligned to the needs of brands, consumers and fillers.

We offer new systems that work fantastically well with new formulas coming out in the market. We add value through ease of filling, functionality, ease of use, consumer convenience, and much more, which is exactly what makes our packaging "smart".

Then comes the fun part: we inject our trend knowledge, blended with inspiration from other markets like fashion, art, and architecture, and use it to dress up the pack, applying creative finishes and decoration, for a result that’s focused, original and totally on-trend.

  • Better application

    A more appealing sensory experience based on package design

  • High performance

    Formulation innovations trigger the design of new packaging solutions

  • Limited editions

    Personalization options using different materials, finishes, and more

  • Multifunctional

    Smart packaging for increased product usability and a better experience

Our make-up packaging goal:

We work side-by-side with brands to create on-trend make up packaging, ensuring products are attractive and functional, thereby generating a positive consumer experience.

You can view our full line of standard make-up products in our catalogue.

Most recent news for make-up


Quadpack has developed a high-tech gesture for lipsticks with the new Magnetic Stylo; a stylish lipstick case that closes magnetically with the snip of a click! Its elongated shape is designed for slanted tip lipsticks, a design cue that denotes a premium product. It is crafted in shiny metal, a material that communicates luxury, is cool to touch, and can be decorated with a wide range of techniques, from anodizing, to embossing and silkscreen printing.

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