Design: creativity meets technology

The best packaging solutions start with a great idea. Quadpack’s experienced design team dreams up fresh, new ideas and approaches to packaging. Its work is based on research into new and emerging trends from a variety of markets like fashion, architecture and engineering. The team issues an annual Trend Directive to share this knowledge and provide inspiration to brands.

Your partner in design

Quadpack’s designers help clients to develop bespoke packs that meet their marketing goals, adding value through their insights and expertise. They can take a simple array of requirements and delve into the heart of the project, asking the right questions and offering suggestions to create the perfect piece of packaging. Quadpack’s design team offers a full packaging design service or works in cooperation with existing in house designers and brand agencies to bring product ideas to life.

QLine development

Smart packaging has always been Quadpack’s focus, introducing new concepts on the market that make the application of beauty products fun, engaging and convenient. Our design team tracks trends and finds smart solutions that anticipate demand, always trying to blend creativity with technology.

Quadpack’s Manufacturing Division gives our designers the capability to experiment: with concepts in plastic materials at our injection moulding plant, Quadpack Kierspe; with new decoration techniques at our decoration facilities, Quadpack Impressions and Wicklein; and with designs in wood at Quadpack Wood.

Moreover, the design teams approach is to designing products with a special consideration for the environmental impact of the product during its whole lifecycle. Applying eco-design principles whilst not compromising on luxury.

The results of their creative efforts can be found in Quadpack’s own QLine portfolio.

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