Bondi Sands self-tan and suncare products are globally known by consumers and beauty experts for their high quality, environmentally conscious formulas and packaging. The Australian-based brand is also venturing into the promising skincare market and chose Quadpack to develop the packaging for its new Everyday Skincare Range.


Sustainability was never taken so seriously by luxury brands. Circular economy regulations, industry commitments and growing consumer demand for more environmentally-respectful solutions are making the packaging sector rethink luxury. This was evident at Luxepack Monaco, which was back to its on-site format in 2021.


Quadpack celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first global beauty packaging project in wood, a landmark that heralded an era of success stories. Two decades after the first launch that redefined wood for the beauty industry, Quadpack keeps breaking barriers.


For the fourth consecutive year, Quadpack collaborates with Elisava design school on students’ final degree projects. The graduate project gives Quadpack unique insights into the minds of the next generation, bringing fresh thinking to industry issues, while supporting young designers as they embark on their career.


The co-creation of a sustainable ‘on-the-go’ product with a design student from Nottingham Trent University is the perfect example of how Quadpack fosters and collaborates with young talent.


Activism and transparency are at the core of Breaking moulds, one of the #qppackfuture themes based on Quadpack Design Team’s perspective of how people will live and connect in the next few years. Quadpack’s Design Team has developed prototypes that represent the Breaking Moulds theme.


Conscious consumerism is rising. While people all around the world have been increasingly aware of what’s behind the advertising, paying attention to products’ ingredients and sourcing, in recent times the environmental and social impact of every purchase has also become a general concern.


Meet Community Lab, one of the themes of #qppackfuture that will help you understand what’s to come. Community Lab is one of the themes presented by #qppackfuture this year, as part of in-depth research made by Quadpack’s Design team to understand how people’s lives will be in the next years.


We’re experiencing a turning point in how we live, behave, improve our lives and those of others. Inspired by such powerful changes in society, Quadpack’s Design and Advanced Technology team is presenting #qppackfuture, a collection of themes based around experiences.


Twice a year, Quadpack managers, sales teams, designers, technicians and executives get together at the company’s global HQ in Barcelona for the Roadshow. It’s an exciting, inspiring event, where future trends in beauty packaging are presented. These predictions are based on solid market research, an intimate study of shifts in social and consumer behaviour, and most importantly, feedback from Quadpack’s clients and customers.


Over the past few months, as part of our Trend Roadmap, we have introduced you to Quadpack’s family of virtual personalities. Together, these people paint a picture of modern life and are there to guide you through an increasingly complex consumer landscape. Now it’s time to meet Charlotte, the Gen Z embodiment of the Phygital trend.


The success of any product depends heavily on the message it carries. Luxury, youth, sustainability, minimalism are more than mere categories: they communicate with consumers’ feelings and expectations. And how better to convey your message than with the perfect packaging? Some of Quadpack’s best specialists will guide you through the enchanted world of jars, tubes and packs.


Precision, creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and innovation; the art of horlogerie and perfume have much in common. Franck Muller, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, decided to explore this special relationship with the creation of five exquisite Franck Muller eau de parfums. Quadpack’s product development team made the magic happen for this very special project.


Quadpack has kicked off 2019 with exciting news from its Design and Advanced Technologies Department. New collections will now be presented within a theme-based approach, and each one expresses the needs and desires of consumers through virtual personalities.


The first Quadpack Roadshow for 2019 gave Category Managers and Sales teams the opportunity to discuss the topic on everyone’s mind; sustainability. Making Quadpack’s products and processes greener touches every inch of the company as it aims not only to reduce its own carbon footprint, but that of its clients and customers.


Forget about dark circles and imperfections. Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away Liquid Concealer offers full coverage for great-looking skin, every day. This make-up essential comes in a gorgeous 4ml twist flow pen custom-developed jointly by the brand and Quadpack, to offer precision application and a look that’s pure luxury.


Buying a fragrance is a personal thing; one you experience on multiple levels. The packaging plays a vital part of that experience. Beyond the aesthetic, it can touch all the senses, just like the fragrance inside. With a view to providing an enhanced sensory experience, Quadpack’s Fragrance Division presents The Elemental Collection.


The way we experience fragrance is changing. Young consumers have different expectations and want more than a nice scent in an attractive bottle. So how do we relate to fragrance and how can packagers ensure engagement with the new generation? Investigating this topic was Quadpack’s brief to the students at the ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain.


Loewe is known for enduring luxury, blending classic substance with modern aesthetics. Its Loewe Esencia Eau de Parfum fragrance was launched in 1988, yet is continually refreshed, making it relevant and desirable for today’s generation of men. So, too, the latest flanker, which comes in a dramatic black bottle with a stunning wooden cap, created by the master craftsmen at the Quadpack Wood factory in Spain.


Sticking a plastic straw in a mojito these days is about as PC as ivory cufflinks. Single-use plastic is the new moral outrage. It has been banned at Wetherspoons and Pret a Manger, and now McDonald’s is testing paper alternatives.


Tucked away in the St Denis district, La Distillerie de Paris is a boutique distillery run by two brothers. Since 2015, Sébastien and Nicolas Julhès have been creating artisanal gins, vodkas, brandies, aged spirits and whiskeys. Now, they have applied their expertise to launch their very first eau de parfum, exclusively packaged in a bespoke bottle and box by Quadpack.


Beauty brands need packaging that protect and enable the formula, fit the brand and bring differentiation. Considering this triple requirement as early as possible is the focus of the new department of Design & Advanced Technologies at Quadpack Industries. Dedicated to proactive research into new trends, product ideas, techniques and materials, it aims to work alongside brands and contract manufacturers during the creation of their new formulations.


Rossetto Unico is Collistar's new premium lipstick. Available in 16 vibrant shades, its rich, creamy and ultra-comfortable texture glides onto your lips, for long-lasting colour that doesn't smudge. A companion product to Collistar's best-selling Mascara Unico, Rosetto Unico deserved a premium treatment in terms of packaging.


Lalique Odyssée is an exceptional diffuser which embodies the essence of the brand’s refined expertise. With a choice of three perfumery creations held in a crystal bottle, this is home fragrance raised to new heights of luxury. Its gleaming zamak cap and beautiful gift box were proudly developed by Quadpack.


The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask by US brand Lavanila is an all-natural treatment mask formulated to detoxify and beautify the underarm area, while working to ease the transition to a natural deodorant. This entirely new body care concept comes in surprising packaging developed by Quadpack. The brand needed a solution to protect the complex formula, while simultaneously making it easy to dispense and apply. Quadpack's Brush Tube provided the answer.


Quadpack’s designers have developed three key trends based on architectural, fashion, art and demographic influences. Three trends which can be applied to beauty packaging to create surprising new designs ahead of the curve for forward-looking brands.


Perfume is precious and we wear it like jewellery. As such, it should be kept in a precious case. So says La Cristallerie des Parfums. The niche French brand was created in 2015 by Helena Robin and it has found a loyal following in the ultra-luxury market. Now, she is targeting men with a new range, suitably encased in sumptuous packaging. Quadpack helped her fulfil her vision.


Founded in Milan in 1930, ICIM International is known in Italy and abroad through its leading dermocosmetics brand BioNike. Its mission: to provide innovative solutions that bring beauty and health to skin. Over the years, ICIM's formulation know-how has resulted in a product range distinguished by its 'Without Philosophy': without parabens, without perfume, without gluten and nickel-tested. This philosophy is reflected in its new Defence Xage Eye Lift, a hard-working eye contour serum that's packaged by Quadpack in a tube with a very special applicator.


"At first I was a bit flummoxed by the packaging because, it may be a first, but what difference does that make to the actual product? I soon changed my mind when it squished perfectly into my in-flight transparent beauty bag for my long haul flight to New York. The packaging is actually incredibly efficient and it was indeed the best travel option."


Premium brands know just how much time, effort and passion go into launching a new luxury fragrance. The challenge is to make it as special to consumers as it is to its creators. Presenting it in its own, precious box is an effective way to achieve this. To this end, Quadpack Group's secondary packaging team has developed a beautiful bespoke concept which shows how a fragrance can be showcased in the most irresistibly tempting manner.


The Encre Noire saga by Lalique takes its inspiration from the 'Encrier Biches' (inkwell) designed by René Lalique in 1913. First introduced in 2006, the latest edition is an intense, masculine fragrance that sheds new light on the personality of the Encre Noire man. The powerful woodsy blend of cypress and vetiver is reflected in the packaging, which features a wooden cap produced by Quadpack Group.


Guerlain's Terracotta bronzing powder is back with Pause d'Été. The star of the 2016 Terracotta Summer Collection, it once again comes packaged in a beautiful wooden compact expertly crafted at Quadpack Group's Technotraf manufacturing facility. The 2016 edition is just as sumptuous as its predecessors. Inspired by the sunny terraces of the French Riviera, its exquisite palette captures all the reflections of the sun.


Scent is the one sense that impacts directly on a person's state of mind. Your favourite fragrance can instantly make you feel good and ready to face the world. Carrying it around with you therefore makes sense, which is why Jean Patou issued two of its most popular fragrances – Sublime and Joy – in 10ml sprayers. The bottles come in a velvet pouch developed by Quadpack Group, turning them into something special, while protecting the bottle and making them easy to locate in a handbag.


"The heart chakra is an all-encompassing 'source-centre' of love, joy and compassion; our connection to life and all living things." So says Kora Organics in explanation of its new Heart Chakra Essence roll-on, its packaging developed by Quadpack Group. Just launched in Australia, the product comprises certified organic oils to nurture and heal the heart chakra.


The headline-making Metal-Sleeved Dropper – part of the Q-Line range – has been singled out for the luxury treatment by Quadpack's Secondary Packaging team. The bespoke handmade box is covered with pearl effect PU leather and has a matt satin lining decorated with logo. The bottle is held in place using a flocked thermo tray, and the closure has a hidden magnet. It is just one example of what can be created to complement a primary package in the most attractive way.


Men's grooming products are now so commonplace, it is hard to remember a time when they were not. Yet Clarins Men continues to shine brightly in the market with its high-quality formulas, diverse range and distinguished petrol blue, white and silver presentation. When launching two new products – Anti-fatigue Eye Serum and Revitalising Gel – the company turned to Quadpack Group company Yonwoo Europe for a bespoke packaging concept.


For the makers of Organic HairSpa, a new range of organic hair care products from Denmark, the packaging had to be as carefully considered as the organic formulas inside. Quadpack's Body Care Collection, together with wooden caps from Technotraf, provided the perfect solution.


Atelier des Ors is driven by a passion for the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie. Its "magnetic, passionate, elegant and sophisticated fragrances" are the height of luxury, each one containing flecks of gold. The packaging is equally precious, creations dreamed up by Centdegrés – and has been brought to life with some help from Quadpack's Fragrance Division.


Nothing beats freshness. This is the premise of new Danish beauty brand Nuori, who has built its business around 'fresh'. This means pure products, free from preservatives and synthetic additives, and 100% efficacy, as the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown. As such, all of its products carry a sell-by date.


Imagine your beauty product in a luxury presentation box. It could look something like this. A beautiful, premium wooden box that positions your product firmly in the realms of high-end aesthetics. Created by Quadpack Group's secondary packaging team, this concept demonstrates one of the many possibilities available to entice the consumer and make them love the brand.


Another win for Quadpack Group! Three Part Harmony from Estée Lauder's Origins brand has scooped up the Package of the Year Health and Beauty Silver award in New Jersey, US. Organised by the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club, the event – now in its 37th year – celebrates excellence in the packaging industry.


Argan oil has been used to nourish hair in the Northern African regions for centuries. De Lorenzo, manufacturer of professional hair care products, brings this miracle substance to Australian women with the help of Quadpack Group.


Getting kids to wash their hands is always a challenge, but here's some good news: Quadpack has a way to help make them less averse to using soap. Apollo’s range of foamers can now be delivered with actuators customised to a brand. Using bespoke moulds, fun new shapes can be created to complement brands aimed at the child and baby care market.


Nude’s worldwide bestseller Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum comes in an innovative glass bottle with dropper, developed by Quadpack UK. This organic serum corrects the signs of ageing using a unique three-way system to help the skin repair itself.


MitoQ worked with Quadpack’s Melbourne office to develop a suitable container for the delivery of its advanced facial cream. A 50ml airless container from Yonwoo was chosen for its shielding properties, sealing the product in a safe, airtight environment.


“If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on my face,” Börlind founder Annemarie Lindner once said. This remains the philosophy of this German beauty brand today. For its new Naturoyale Biolifting range, it sought to protect its advanced natural formulas using Yonwoo packs developed by Quadpack, thanks to the containers' patented airless dispensing system that minimizes contact with air to avoid external contamination.


Harnessing the powerful ingredients hidden within native Australian plant extracts, Uandi Natural offers a unique range of natural skin care products that help repair and maintain skin, leaving it healthy and vibrant. Uandi chose Quadpack to develop its packaging thanks to the high barrier protection and compatibility that the latter could offer.


Architecture and nature in harmony. Such is the new men's fragrance by Spanish perfumery brand Armand Basi. Wild Forest reflects the perfect balance between the urban cityscape and the natural environment. The packaging, developed by Technotraf, places a glass bottle within a wooden container crafted from a single, solid block of ash, complemented by a matching ash cap.


It's called Timeless but its look is bang up to date. Cristian Lay's new fragrance comes in a 100ml glass bottle, with a dazzling sleever that really catches the eye. The Spanish cosmetic company entrusted the packaging to Quadpack, which includes a black aluminium spray pump and a double-wall cap.


According to Germaine de Capuccini, it’s going to be the latest skin care must-have. The Spanish cosmetics company’s new Rosehip Multi-Regenerating Oil offers a host of benefits, from anti-ageing to moisturisation. The hard-working formula is contained in a beautiful airless Yonwoo bottle created by Quadpack. External contamination is avoided, safeguarding the integrity and efficacy of the formula.


Once again, Natura Bissé has taken the beauty market by storm. Its latest rejuvenating night treatment not only breaks new ground in skin care, but also revolutionises beauty packaging. Diamond Life Infusion is contained in the world’s first pack that combines a glass bottle with a rigid Yonwoo airless container custom developed by Quadpack.


Guerlain is known for introducing unique packaging concepts. Its Terracotta collection of bronzing powders is launched every season in a new luxury compact that sets new standards in presentation. This summer’s edition, Terra Ora, comes in an exquisite wooden mirror case developed and produced by Technotraf.


Passion, style, and Italian mastery - the attributes applied by Momodesign in creating its fragrances. Its latest, MD Black and MD White, come in sophisticated packaging developed by Quadpack partner Premi.


Although known for his action movie roles, renowned actor Bruce Willis is active in other areas, too. Perfumery is one of these and the exclusive men's fragrance, Personal Edition, is the third of his fragrances to hit the market. The perfume's clean and elegant flask is crowned with a wooden cap created by Technotraf, a Quadpack Group company.


Ethical Beauty of Milan is driven by a passion for natural beauty. The Italian cosmetics brand produces products using plant-based ingredients that respect the environment. Its vision extends to packaging, where it aims to minimize materials. This is evident in the refill bottles developed by Quadpack Group for its EthicalBio range. The anti-ageing and blemish control range is beautifully showcased in Yonwoo's 50ml Show Bottle.


DF+ is the new range from prestige brand Dermafutura, a complete line of facial products created for skin that needs specific treatment. Quadpack created a luxury packaging suite, comprising jars, airless packs and a high-end dropper, for the seven products in the range. The entire range enjoys a consistent, sumptuous look and feel, with white colour-matched bodies and gold metallized caps.


The new Retinol range from Spanish premium brand Skeyndor delivers the regenerative properties of retinol. This purest form of vitamin A ensures its intensive rejuvenation effect on wrinkles and dark spots. The three products in the range are housed in a Yonwoo airless pump and barrier tube, for optimum protection of the hard-working formulas. Quadpack developed the packaging, aiming to match high performance with a luxurious look and feel.


Steve Haley has joined Quadpack Group as Group Sales Director. The appointment is a key step in Quadpack's plans to reinforce the group's bespoke strategy. Steve's strong technical background in mould-making places him in an ideal position to help keep the bespoke service tightly tuned to the needs of global beauty brands.


When Gudrun Wurm looked for the ultimate natural skin care for her baby son, it remained elusive. So she decided to create it. That's the story of Little Butterfly London, the first luxury organic range developed for the delicate skin of babies. The wooden caps made by Technotraf Wood Packaging help reinforce the brand's natural credentials, which include ECO-CERT certification.


A futuristic design endowed with airless technology. Such is the packaging of the new skin care treatments from French laboratory Innoderm. Its Hyalu Serum 2.3 Eye Contour Serum and Cream are contained in Yonwoo's Ampoule Program vials, expertly developed by Quadpack. The Innoderm vials use Yonwoo's patented airless system to keep oxygen and contaminants out and maintain the formula's efficacy. They have a metal roller ball applicator, which gives a pleasant cooling effect as it glides smoothly over the skin.


The first lipstick from French laboratory Dermophil Indien combines the values of confidence and performance with luxury and glamour. The company's specially formulated products for the care and protection of lips, hands and skin are gaining ground and when married in with the season's fashion colour, with a chic Quadpack exterior - kiss hello to a winner!


Cosmetic pearls are the secret behind Hypnotic Serum, Capsum's new anti-ageing treatment unveiled at in-Cosmetics earlier this year. The French contract manufacturer partnered with Quadpack to devise a delivery system that complemented the high-tech nature of the product. Hypnotic's 'NeoPearls' are now activated and delivered by Yonwoo's innovative Twist & Mix dropper.


O Cosmedics is a niche line of skin care from Australia that has been developed within the principles of cosmedical skin care, skin solutions on the threshold of medicine. For the benefit of The McGrath Foundation, O Cosmedics' Antioxidant Hydra-Mist – a powerful liquid moisturiser made for instant and mobile hydration – has been repackaged by Quadpack in a bright pink Apollo mist spray bottle.


Quadpack Group presents a packaging concept that brings together all the elements required to create a sumptuous, premium skin care programme aimed squarely at the prestige end of the market. The 2 week programme concept is based around Yonwoo's Mini Airless Syringe housed with 14 mini acrylic jars and an exclusive zamak spatula, inside a luxury coffret.


Personal care for men is a rising trend. As men take increasing care of their appearance, brands are creating ranges that target the needs of this unique demographic. The Cade for Men range from French natural beauty brand L'Occitane is a perfect example. Launched this summer, the formula is itself protected by an airless Yonwoo container developed by Quadpack.