Embracing the difference: the power of empathy

Breaking Moulds, one of the #qppackfuture themes, advocates for inclusion and acceptance

You know something powerful is happening when, in the middle of a pandemic, citizens all over the world gather to protest against racism, injustice and inequality. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is the perfect example of people’s wish for a more inclusive and fair society (and yes, they want to listen to what brands have to say about it).

Activism and transparency are at the core of Breaking moulds, one of the #qppackfuture themes based on Quadpack Design Team’s perspective of how people will live and connect in the next few years. “Brands must empathise with consumers’ needs and translate this feeling into active communication and accessible products, breaking down barriers like colour, gender, culture and age,”, says Katie Hoddinott, Quadpack’s Design Team Lead. Fluidity is the key with product solutions emerging that don’t label consumers but instead celebrate the diversity within our society.

Quadpack’s Design Team has developed prototypes that represent the Breaking Moulds theme: a jar with a built-in spatula that allows the consumer to use the product using only one hand; an oversized pack that promotes a new opening gesture, using a spatula as leverage; a jar and a lipstick with caps attached to their base that also allow one-hand opening. “It’s a refreshing approach that takes away the idea of prejudice and focuses on consumers’ needs, interests and behaviours,” explains Hoddinott.

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