Quadpack Presents Its New Laboratory

By offering a full range of services, the laboratory team responds to an increasing demand for compatibility tests

Last June, the Quadpack laboratory team moved to a new home: the brand new 4th floor of Barcelona headquarters, where they benefit from more space and equipment. The technicians and engineers responsible for all compatibility tests, homologations and change controls are now placed in a bright room of 46 square meters.

The laboratory is a competitive differentiator for Quadpack, as few packaging industries provide such a comprehensive range of services, as:

Technical specification and documentation analysis – From dimensional differences to legislation conformity, it’s important to test if the product complies with obligatory requirements.
Pack and decoration testing – The team needs to make sure that a fragrance pump will function perfectly until the end of the product life, for instance, and that a bottle print won’t fade away after many manipulations.
Compatibility tests – Not all formulas fit with all materials. The laboratory must check carefully the interactions of the product with the surface it has contact with, in many temperatures, positions and time periods.
Change control – Changes regarding materials, new improvements or modifications in the pack must be tested.

Compatibility tests are a legal responsibility of beauty brands, but Quadpack’s laboratory has seen an increasing demand for these previous studies. They are normally an additional service but is so cost-effective that many brands opt for outsourcing it.

Recently equipped with a new crimping machine for fragrance packs, the laboratory is currently investigating and developing new materials that are more sustainable but equally resistant and compatible with many formulas.

Aside from Barcelona, the laboratory also has a team in Shanghai, where homologations and tests are made for the Asia Pacific region.

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