Quadpack Foundation

Education for a positive impact

Quadpack Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2016 by beauty packaging provider Quadpack, out of a desire to give back to the many communities across the world that have given the company a home. Through the foundation’s activities, Quadpack aims to share its success with young people, helping them acknowledge the beauty inside of them and achieve positive change.


Taking care and giving back to young people in need

A positive-impact network

Quadpack Foundation partners with non-profit organisations, companies, government institutions and others providing support through grants, sponsorship, material donations, volunteering, sharing knowledge and making connections.

Quadpackers are given annual paid leave to participate in positive impact activities within the foundation’s objectives.

To learn more about what we did in 2023, download our annual report here:




How can we collaborate?

We would like you to get involved and be part of our positive-impact network. Feel free to send us projects, ideas, questions... we are always open to listen to everyone. E-mail us at hello@quadpackfoundation.org

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