Delivering performance through technology

Thanks to our expertise in airless and jars, we can offer skincare packaging made in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We provide solutions “in the region, for the region”, wherever our clients need.

Our portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions for skincare is constantly growing, with special focus on recycled and recyclable materials, along with refillable systems and innovative materials such as Sulapac®.

We offer full packaging solutions to beauty brands, thanks to our standard and bespoke solutions that can be decorated at our specialised facilities.

All products are rigorously tested, following legal requirements and Quadpack’s strict quality standards.

  • Leaders in airless and jars

    Our in-house manufacturing and development teams allows us to innovate on the design and materials, and our products are tested to the highest quality standards.

  • Positive Impact Packaging

    Our expanding selection of refillable, recyclable and recycled packaging solutions are underpinned by our Positive Impact Packaging framework and LCAs.

  • In the region, for the region

    We supply efficient, fast to market solutions made in Europe, Americas and Asia, allowing reduced carbon emissions in manufacturing and transportation.

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Enter our online catalogue to view our selection of airless bottles, jars, tubes, lotion packs and more to meet your packaging needs.

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