Delivering performance through technology

Our packaging items related to skincare are among the finest in the world. We have provided solutions to myriad international brands as well as up and coming smaller firms seeking to offer consumers the best experience possible. All of our skincare containers and closures are tested to be perfectly compatible with formulations. Our packaging is on the cutting edge of technology with regard to materials, configuration, and design. Companies seeking a full solution can select from a number of standard items or opt for a bespoke piece of packaging. Both can be fully decorated at our specialized decoration facilities.

  • High tech

    State of the art, high performance packaging for skincare brands

  • Wide range

    An extensive selection of products to meet every skincare need

  • Tailor made

    The ability to design, develop, and personalize your ideas

  • Gorgeous

    An expansive range of decoration capabilities for every pack

  • Finest airless

    Exclusive Yonwoo distribution, a massive and innovative range

Our skincare packaging goal:

We strive to co-create market oriented, performance driven skincare packaging solutions with our clients

You can view our full line of standard skincare products in our catalogue.

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Korean brand The SAEM is all about nature. There, it finds inspiration for its products, which focus on natural ingredients and healthy beauty, with an emphasis on ethnic wisdom and a deep respect for the environment. When it developed its new prestige skincare range for men, it wanted the packaging to reflect its ethos, so wood was a natural choice.

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