High end plastic packaging for masstige and premium brands

Quadpack can provide brands with a staggering array of packaging components made of all sorts of plastic. The selection of the component configuration is as vital as the selection of the material. Each component must be matched to the product formulation according to compatibility testing, so that the packaging does not impact negatively on the colour, odour, or efficacy of the product.

Beyond luxury

We tend to work in the high end or luxury spectrum of the beauty, personal care, and fragrance markets. We have successfully delivered numerous projects outside that normal scope, however, and can provide full mass market or masstige solutions for new brands, relaunches, or new items within an existing line.

Each of our plastic components is produced either in-house or by a fully vetted and trusted supplier partner. We offer some exclusive items that simply can't be found elsewhere, particularly with regard to airless solutions.

Our facilities

Our injection moulding facility in Castellbisball (near Barcelona) is a 3,000m2 space that houses production, decoration, warehousing, and offices. The plant is equipped with 12 injection moulding machines with automatic manipulators ranging from 80 to 250tn – all operated by expert staff with long experience in premium plastic manufacture.

In addition to the injection moulding lines, 15 decorating lines managed by Quadpack Impressions offer standard and UV screen-printing, hot-stamping, and automatic assembly, to ensure a sophisticated look and feel that’s fit for the most luxurious brands on the market.

A mould workshop and our own test laboratories all help to maintain a production capacity of 50 million plastic components.

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