The power of the simple jar

Plastic is an excellent and versatile material that can be used with numerous products. Compatibility can be an issue, as some formulations are more basic or acidic and require a specific type of plastic to hold them. Hence, an interior liner or secondary well made of a different, more neutral plastic can be used without sacrificing attractiveness. A shive, or lining lid, can be included to prevent premature drying or oxidation, which can lead to the product taking on an unattractive colour.

Primary components
Closure, shive, & jar
Additional components
Outer cap, liner, & outer base
Key considerations
Correct combination of inner jar, shive, & liner
Most common capacities
15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml & 200ml
Normal closure options
Screw neck (stopper also an option)
Normal closure/base materials

Sealing options

1. PE or PP shive

Jar shives provide you a high quality barrier between jar and cap to preserve contents in peak condition. Usually made in PE or PP, it's recommended to use them together with an EPE liner in the cap for a good leakage resistance.

2. Auto-sealing disc (instead of shive)

Pressure sensitive liners create an actual seal, providing an extra level of protection compared to a basic foam liner. They are best for dry products and can at times, work with thick liquids such as creams and sauces. Generally, these liners are not recommended for liquids and oils.

3. EPE liner on inner cap

Liners authenticate your product's integrity and bolster consumer confidence. They prevent contamination and leaks, and preserves freshness by sealing out air. Assembled in the cap, they can be used together with shive or auto-sealing disc.

Comparison of materials

Each synthetic polymer has its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Some offer better clarity and brilliance, others provide barrier properties versus various electromagnetic waves, still others are more or less compatible with formulations. As a quick reference, here we offer a simple chart to indicate which plastics are most appropriate according to specific criteria.

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