Positive Impact

Positive Impact

Positive Impact

Sustainability is a main pillar of Quadpack’s strategy. For years, we have been committed to ESG standards and the environmental and societal impact of our operations and products. Guided by our purpose of doing things ‘right, differently, better’, we launched a sustainability roadmap that aims to ensure Quadpack’s positive impact in three areas: people, processes and products.

Positive Impact People:

We commit to supporting the development of our people and our communities, fostering a culture of integrity, diversity and innovation. It includes the activities and reach of Quadpack Foundation.

Positive Impact Processes:

We aim to accelerate sustainable business transformation to affect manufacturing and operations, while supporting partners and suppliers to start and accelerate their own transformation.

Positive Impact Product:

We will continually improve the sustainability of our portfolio of products, using lifecycle assessments (LCAs) to measure circularity and carbon footprint.

Quadpack’s sustainability Mission

We are passionate about the planet and people as we drive to increase our positive impact on society and the environment.


APCO 2021 Annual Report & Action Plan


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