Positive Impact

Positive Impact

Quadpack aims to lead a sustainable business transformation in its operations, supporting partners and suppliers to start and accelerate their own transformation. Our positive-impact processes strategy covers three main areas where we have reached remarkable results, striving to become a reference in the beauty packaging industry and beyond.


Carbon emissions reduction

By offering in the region, for the region manufacturing and stocking solutions, being closer to our clients, we can be more agile while optimizing our stocks and avoiding waste.


Energy and waste management

Projects like Quadpack Wood’s new biomass plant, Industry 4.0 and renewable energy investments are making Quadpack a flagship of sustainability within the beauty packaging industry.


Sustainable supply chain

By building a transparent and robust governance structure, Quadpack lives up to its integrity values. Its code of ethics and its committees enhance oversight and speed up execution, providing guidance and clarity across the organisation.



To continuously increase the positive impact of our operating processes on people, communities and nature.


To accelerate sustainable business transformation.


Purpose-driven businesses consider their impact on multiple stakeholders, from shareholders and staff, to communities and the environment. To be truly effective, that purpose must be managed as much as the business itself. Professor Lisa Hehenberger at the Esade Center for Social Impact explains how social and environmental impact can be measured and managed.


Purpose is more than an industry buzzword. Nadia Terfous, MD of Economics of Mutuality Solutions, explains how it can drive mutual value creation for all stakeholders.


With mountains of plastic waste accumulating on the planet, could post-consumer recycled material be the solution? Oriol Aran, Quadpack’s Head of Product Engineering, explores the issue.


Beauty packaging made of wood from managed forests brings a host of benefits to brands, consumers and the environment. Here is a round-up of the reasons why wood, quite simply, is good.


Packaging waste in Europe continues to grow, despite an increase in recycling. A big part of the problem is an excessive and inefficient use of packaging. There is more non-recyclable packaging and a lack of recycled content, while confusing labelling complicates sorting for consumers. There is more non-recyclable packaging and a lack of recycled content, while confusing labelling complicates sorting for consumers.


Quadpack is celebrating its first anniversary as a member of the global B Corp community. With a common goal of using business for good, it has been busy working on each of the five pillars of workers, community, environment, governance and customers.


Full-cover hotfoil stamping has now been incorporated into the decoration portfolio of Quadpack. Following the acquisition of decoration specialist Stefan Wicklein Kunststoffveredelung GmbH, the company has become one of the few expert providers worldwide of this complex technique.


In April 2022, Quadpack was certified as B Corp, a distinction given to a select group of 5,000-plus purpose-driven businesses around the world. We now belong to a community composed of global sustainability role models .


Thousands of businesses are joining the B Corp community worldwide, driven by a purpose of making a positive impact on society and the environment. But what does B Corp mean to companies and how deep is the transformation required to join it? Pablo Sanchez, Managing Director of B Lab Spain helps us to answer these and more questions.


Eight Quadpackers from France have engaged in a volunteer project to help young people prepare for the job market. The project is part of Pro'Pulse, a free preparatory course with a personalised and comprehensive approach that facilitates access to apprenticeship for young people without qualifications.


Smart manufacturing is opening a whole new world of opportunities for Quadpack. After months of pilot tests, the beauty packaging manufacturer and provider is launching its Industry 4.0 project at the Quadpack Wood plant. The wooden components factory now has 63 machines connected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will provide real-time data, giving process visibility and efficiency control of the equipment.


Increased manufacturing capabilities are one of Quadpack’s priorities for the next four years. By 2025, the beauty packaging provider aims to lead innovations in airless and sustainable products, offering solutions “in the region, for the region”. With a clear strategy and a roadmap in mind, Quadpack’s Operations team has the mission of strengthening its industrial capacity through ambitious investments that are being globally deployed.


In a new world marked by changing behaviours and conscious consumerism, needs and market demands, businesses are increasingly governed by ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards. For years, Quadpack has been committed to these three factors that measure the environmental and societal impact of a company.


September 2020 is a watershed in the history of Quadpack Wood. This month, the wood components factory based in Torelló, Spain, takes an important step towards carbon neutrality, thanks to a new biomass plant.


Thanks to our people’s talent and our partners’ resourcefulness, we’re now part of a task force against the virus that is bringing out the best in us. Some of our projects are already in place, supporting health care and other COVID-19 frontline workers.


Quadpack has held an EcoVadis Silver Medal since 2018, which means the organisation complies with the highest standards of CSR, covering environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. By joining the Buyer Module, Quadpack will also be able to conduct the assessment and follow the evolution of all its suppliers, globally.


The United Nations Global Compact initiative proposes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that lay out a path to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and protect our planet. Quadpack has now designated the four SDGs where, as a beauty packaging provider, it can have the greatest impact.


Sustainability. Everyone is taking about it, but what does it really mean? There are many different interpretations and even more courses of action. So how can businesses best embrace it? As an active member of the beauty packaging industry, Quadpack has taken the debate to its clients, with a view to sharing knowledge and working together towards a common vision.


Quadpack Industries has signed up to the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. The move is in line with the company’s CSR strategy and offers a set of agreed guidelines to ensure responsible governance, while helping to shape a better world.


Quadpack Group has made a major investment at its Manufacturing Division in Torrelló, Spain, as part of its long-term environmental commitment. The installation of a €400,000 bespoke regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) ensures its facilities exceed environmental regulations now and in the future. The state-of-the-art equipment processes emissions from the Technotraf factory's spray coating line.


Quadpack Group is publishing its environmental report this month, following an extensive internal review conducted with service partner Lavola. The report contains a study of the company's environmental impact, along with a summary of action points to minimize it.

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