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Quadpack embarks on Industry 4.0

An ambitious smart technology project is being deployed using connected devices and real-time data

Smart manufacturing is opening a whole new world of opportunities for Quadpack. After months of pilot tests, the beauty packaging manufacturer and provider is launching its Industry 4.0 project at the Quadpack Wood plant. The wooden components factory now has 63 machines connected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will provide real-time data, giving process visibility and efficiency control of the equipment. The initial investment at Quadpack Wood, amounting to € 360,000 in 2021, is the start of the multi-year project that will include more factories and system implementation.

Quadpack Wood's pilot test was carried out in 2020 with 13 machines with different capacities and operation systems. They were connected to a MES (manufacturing execution system) that reads the data emitted by each machine, evaluating performance at all times. This control allows the system to extract information about equipment shutdown, analyse the reasons and provide solutions to solve the problem – also helping to prevent a new occurrence. Reports about the performance of the whole factory by shifts, sections and lines can also be generated to measure and improve efficiency.

The Industry 4.0 project in Quadpack Wood is the beginning of a full automation-driven transformation. Our goal is to implement a standardised programme in other factories and become a benchmark of sustainable, smart manufacturing,” says Daniel Alvarez, Head of Business Technology.

Besides reading data and providing reports that will support business decisions, the new system helps prevent and reduce production failures, avoiding waste of resources, improving quality stats, and enhancing sustainability. The Industry 4.0 programme is part of a broad business transformation towards digitalisation that includes the deployment of new ERP, CRM, data and analytics tools from SAP HANA suite, to support sustainable growth.

Learn more about Quadpack’s digital transformation.

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