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Starting a digital transformation journey

Quadpack has just launched its long-term business technology project, Quadpack Connect, where efficiency meets flexibility

When asked about what keeps them awake at night, most CEOs will say: “digital transformation”*. As the business world moves fast and disruptively, not investing in new technologies and connectivity models can be a controversial choice.

Technology has been at the heart of Quadpack’s global expansion. In recent years, organic and inorganic growth posed many challenges for processes, data and system harmonisation throughout the business, so the organisation has opted for a bold digital transformation strategy that will support its future evolution: Quadpack Connect. Launched in January 2020, this long-term business technology project will provide more flexibility and scalability to the business while accelerating its growth.

The chosen platform was SAP 4/HANA, which has the mission of connecting the entire business by consolidating data into a single database. Advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are some of the expected innovations that Quadpack aims to develop with the support of this strong platform. A full Industry 4.0 project is to be deployed, where automated and lean processes will enhance manufacturing technologies.

According to Monica Garza, Head of Business Technology, Quadpack Connect will enable the development of new business models, improving client satisfaction and strengthening our people’s engagement, while staying true to its values. “As we become more efficient and competitive, it’s important that we bear in mind our little big company principles: looking after our people, partners and the environment.”, she says.

*According to a 2019 KPMG survey with CEOs

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