Sulapac Nordic Collection Jars

Product Description

Made from Sulapac®, a sustainably sourced wood and natural biopolymers-based material, these jars are 100% bio-based, eco-safe, and leave no permanent microplastics behind.

Sulapac® is a sustainable injectable alternative to conventional plastic and is perfect for quality-driven cosmetic brands with genuine commitment to sustainability.

Technical Features

  • Bi-injected in either Sulapac® premium or Sulapac® universal for the outer wall, and Sulapac® barrier material for the inner wall.
  • Inner barrier material fit for anhydrous bulks, solid formulations and emulsions.
  • 9 different colour injections available.
  • 100% Made in Europe.

Positive Impact Packaging rating for most sustainable option

PIP Rating - Minimal
PIP Rating - Intermediate
PIP Rating - Advanced
PIP Rating - Positive impact
Reference PJA0005SPNC
Shape Cylindrical
Outer Height 38
Outer Length 60
Outer Width 60
Nominal Volume 50ml
  • Tampo/Pad Printing
  • Silk Screen

Sustainability - Industrially Compostable
Sustainability - Recycled Material
Sustainability - Sustainably Sourced Renewable Material