Controlled application and efficiency in a recyclable bottle. The Charismo Droppers by Quadpack are an optimal packaging solution for formulas that require precise dosage, with reduced risk of skin contact and contamination.


Cosmetics companies seeking to express their brand identities through their packaging, while protecting their formulas with an airless system, now have the perfect solution in CANVAS Airless. The new range from Quadpack offers the ability to explore never-before-seen shapes in airless products, enabling customisation with reduced investment and minimal lead time.


The Sulapac Nordic Collection has been enriched with a 50ml jar designed for water-based formulations. The range, first brought to market by Quadpack in August 2020, comprises 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars for oil-based and waterless products. The new reference features Sulapac’s new bio-based barrier, to create a fully circular pack for water-based products.


Regula Airless, Quadpack's champion sales range, has just taken an important step towards positive-impact packaging. The collection has incorporated a new format which features a refillable mechanism that is easily removed, allowing the insertion of a new refill.


Social distancing, self-quarantine and remote working are all part of everyday life for many of us and consumers are prioritising their emotional and physical health. To elevate the wellbeing experience, Quadpack invites brands to find out how accessories can be the perfect complement to their beauty products.


All beauty experts know that a successful product is the combination of a great formula and the right packaging. Airless packaging meets the challenge by combining all these possibilities in one pack, thanks to a dispensing system where the formula is never in contact with the air before application.


As a global provider for fragrance, skincare and make-up packaging, Quadpack has created three discovery sets that offer all the pampering elements that will help stimulate consumers’ good feelings. Combining trends like personalisation, small dosage, sustainability and cleanliness, these packs are an invitation to take a sensory journey.


Quadpack’s Gemel bottle is a small-size spray perfect for holding products that follow the cleanliness trend. Developed as a great solution for travelling and daily fragrance touch-ups, it can also be filled with scented hydroalcoholic solutions.


When it comes to sustainability, being in the comfort zone is never an option. Even a best-seller must be revisited to make it the best product it can be! Made in Europe by Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, Regula Jar is a perfect example of how the pursuit of eco-conscious packaging can never stop.


Feeling good is not only a matter of external beauty. The rise of holistic wellness is proof that consumers are increasingly attracted to formulas and treatments that boost energy and comfort feelings, leading brands to invest in products that create a sense of well-being.


New ingredients and applications are revolutionising skincare products, so why not do the same with skincare packaging? Responding to brands’ demands for products that provide both strong formulation protection and user-friendly experience, Quadpack has launched Twist Up tube.


Twice a year, Quadpack managers, sales teams, designers, technicians and executives get together at the company’s global HQ in Barcelona for the Roadshow. It’s an exciting, inspiring event, where future trends in beauty packaging are presented. These predictions are based on solid market research, an intimate study of shifts in social and consumer behaviour, and most importantly, feedback from Quadpack’s clients and customers.


From Autumn 2019, Quadpack launches a striking new accessory for its range of bottles and sprays; an attractive wooden collar that creates instant eco-chic. Wooden collars are a relatively easy add-on for disc-top bottles and sprays, rendering perhaps the most common format in the beauty aisles with a premium touch.


It’s often said that fashion goes in cycles. Responding to the current rage for spraying and spritzing, Quadpack has re-launched Fine Mist; an astonishingly effective spray for water-based formulas.


A new consciousness is changing the way consumers look at packaging. In the quest for sustainable formats, there is a return to natural materials. Quadpack’s ever-expanding YouWood collection rides this new natural wave in style. YouWood’s attractive wooden caps, lids and cases are crafted at Quadpack’s own manufacturing facilities using ash wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed forests – an asset to any brand.


The market shows a strong consumer-led desire for natural and back-to-basics make-up and skincare products. PCR and biobased PE Tubes with wooden caps are perfect for hand, face and eye creams that are naturally formulated, as the consumer can be assured that the packaging shares common values with the product inside.


It seems like the dark ages when we only talked about ‘creams and colognes’. These days, technology, innovation and a host of cultural and social factors have pushed the textures of beauty and cosmetic products beyond our imagination. Capsules, balms, jellies, scrubs – beauty these days is not just high-tech, it’s also fun and consistently surprising.


The beauty world is becoming more inclusive than ever, with fragrance, make-up and skincare products tailored for a more diverse audience. The latest trend of customising face creams with boosters and other active ingredients means you can tailor your product to your own, individual needs. These high-tech formula depend on precision dosage. Now, Quadpack proposes an innovative way to dispense these technical formulas, while giving consumers greater control: the Yonwoo Ampoule Dropper.


The curse is broken! The days of leaking creams and shattered powder in your handbag are over, thanks to today’s new solid formulas. They save us from spillage and perform just as well as liquid or powder products. With on-the-go beauty and personal care high on the list of consumers’ priorities, it's no wonder that these practical, easily-transportable products continue to gain traction. Quadpack's latest stick from Yonwoo is the perfect travel-sized container for the new generation of skincare, make-up and fragrance balms.


Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic makes a lot of sense. It uses raw materials made of plastic waste, reducing landfill and pollution of our streets and oceans. It uses less energy to produce, even considering collection, recycling and remanufacture. And when it takes the shape of a Quadpack tube, its performance is second to none.


Quadpack’s Skincare Division has taken three of its most popular acrylic jars and matched them with gorgeous wooden caps – designed, produced and decorated entirely at Quadpack’s Manufacturing Division in Spain. The result? A versatile range of 50ml jars, quickly adaptable to any brand requirements.


Feeling tired? Does it show? Yonwoo’s Ice Tube from Quadpack helps soothe puffy, swollen skin, thanks to its ice-cold applicator. The perfect package for gel-based formulas, it turns a skincare routine into a calming ritual or a much-needed moment of me-time. What’s more, it can be used to relieve muscle pain all over the body, for OTC brands targeting athletes or a wider audience.


The YouWood range recently launched by Quadpack's Make-Up Division has a small but powerful new member: an airtight glass pot. Designed for 24-hour products such as gel eyeliner, lip colour or creamy eye shadow, this attractive 4ml jar boasts some special features.


Is it a dropper? Is it a tottle? It's both! Quadpack presents Yonwoo’s Drottle, its latest innovation for a new generation. Different and fun, it offers a new twist on a traditional system.


Clay has been used for beauty treatments throughout the ages and, now, clay face masks are making a comeback. They remove impurities and absorb oil, while their mineral content deeply nourish the skin. These masks leave your skin beautifully clear and soft, but applying them can be a messy business. Now, Quadpack’s secondary packaging team presents the ideal solution in the shape of a dual-sided applicator.


Gently rub your skin with Quadpack’s new Tourmaline Konjac sponge and you may just get the same sense of wellbeing as if you were standing by a waterfall. That’s because the tourmaline ingredient is loaded with negative ions. These magical molecules effectively disarm airborne pollutants and allergens.


Quadpack’s Skincare Division is extending its range of luxury jars with Arno, a high-end acrylic jar that’s perfect for premium brands. Designed in-house and manufactured at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding facility, Arno is a shining star in the Q-Line range.


When it comes to deodorant roll-ons, bigger really is better. A large, well-manufactured roller ball glides the product on the skin in a comfortable gesture. Quadpack’s new Big Ball Deo Roll On has a perfectly-welded ball held in a bottle with an integrated ball support. What makes it stand out is the sheer scope for decoration: Big Ball Deo comes with snap-on colour changing discs, the option of coloured balls and a host of bottle and cap shapes to play with.


It's a beautiful pack for a beautiful product and, now, it has been recognised by one of the industry's most prestigious associations. Tata Harper's Beautifying Face Oil, contained in a dropper pack developed by Quadpack, is the winner of the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC) award in the Health and Beauty category. Tata Harper Director of Product Development Amy Christian and Quadpack's Christin Cupo proudly received the prize at the Awards Gala at The Madison Hotel on 16 November in Morristown, New Jersey, US.


New from Quadpack is Yonwoo's Drop Tube, offering accurate dosage one drop at a time. Designed with a plastic nozzle, it offers excellent price performance compared to high-end dropper tubes. Simply perfect for liquid skincare and pharma treatments in small sizes, such as eye drops, concealer, hair essence, undereye serum or facial oil.


Some days, you prefer to go natural; others you prefer a little more coverage. Yonwoo's Dual Dish allows you to decide on the spot. This airless cream jar has two compartments for moisturiser and foundation – or any other winning combination that your brand devises. These are pumped separately into a central mixing dish where they can be blended and applied with fingertips or a brush.


The 22nd edition of Cosmoprof Asia will see Quadpack as an exhibitor for the first time, introducing its new Asia Pacific team in the Cosmopack segment of the show. On display will be the finest packaging solutions from Quadpack's portfolio, dressed up to inspire, in a variety of attractive designs.


The gala dinner of the Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 on 13 September in London was a very special night for beauty packaging provider Quadpack Industries, as it scooped up two major awards. Quadpack was announced the winner in both the 'Personal Care' and 'Luxury Packaging Supplier of the Year' categories.


The no-water trend is growing and with it, a fast-expanding range of dry formulas. Beyond their water-saving properties, powders have the capacity to delight, as the formula is ejected in a magical cloud. Baby powder, shimmering body powder, SPF powder, face powder, fragrance dusting powder; these are just some of the products available on the market today, with many more to follow.


Invest in the formula, save on the packaging. Mass market and masstige brands now have a tube for local application that offers unparalleled price/performance. Launched by Quadpack's Skincare Division, Appli Tube from Yonwoo is a cost-effective solution that combines ease of use, a pleasant application method, a high value perception and surprisingly powerful formula protection – all delivered in an unassuming yet appealing little pack that hooks right into the small format trend.


Meet Guadiana, Quadpack's most luxurious jar. Its combination of attractive shape with calibrated weight translates into the ultimate acrylic jar for luxury brands. The latest member of the Q-Line family, Guadiana is designed in-house and manufactured at the Quadpack Plastics injection moulding plant in Spain. As such, it is 100% customisable, with a choice of materials, seals and decorating options that can transform it into a unique packaging proposition for the most prestigious skincare products.


When it comes to skincare, some areas on the face need more tender loving care than others. The Cooling Roller Tube gives these areas the attention they deserve, combining product application, accurate dosing and massage, while delivering a cooling sensation to soothe the skin.


Real ingredients present a new challenge to packaging. The used must be able to dispense the formula without the risk of blocking or disintegrating the elements contained. That's why Quadpack's Skincare Division is introducing a new solution that perfectly supports this new trend: the natural ingredient pump.


Quadpack Group's new Maxi Jumbo is one packaging solution that helps accomplish a picture-perfect look in minutes. An evolution of the panstick, Maxi Jumbo has cup size 18 for larger-volume make-up. It is designed to enable quick, consistent coverage all over the facial area. This is a facestick ideal for foundation, blush and highlighter, but its use can extend to skin care, sun care and even solid perfume.


Pansticks are perfect for make-up, local applications, face care, sun care and even solid perfumes. Quadpack's new Double Panstick provides an additional advantage that puts it squarely in line with the 'beauty on the go' trend. This neat portable pack enables consumers to carry their beauty essentials around anywhere they go. A cylindrical stick that's perfect for touch-ups throughout the day.


Travel kits have long been a practical way to carry personal care essentials on journeys, holidays or just to the gym. Now, the concept is evolving beyond the vanity bag containing a miniature shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Brands are launching more focused kits aimed at particular targets or applications, such as men's skin care, sun care and hair care. Quadpack Group presents its own proposal: a Premium Pamper Pack for high-end beauty routines.


Mist dispensers are all the rage at the moment. Applications are many and varied, including refreshing facial mists, make-up fixers, facial toners and a host of hair care uses such as hair spray and ocean mist with UV protection. Now, Quadpack Group unveils its own contribution to the category that offers distinct advantages over the current batch of fine mist sprayers on the market: the Yonwoo Airless Spray Tube.


Using a dropper is effortless with Quadpack's new addition to its range. Easy Dropper offers a new gesture that makes it straightforward and fun to use. With a 30ml blown glass bottle and a host of decoration options, this new solution will support any brand looking for a premium, highly-functional dropper with a difference.


Another win for Quadpack Group! Three Part Harmony from Estée Lauder's Origins brand has scooped up the Package of the Year Health and Beauty Silver award in New Jersey, US. Organised by the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club, the event – now in its 37th year – celebrates excellence in the packaging industry.


Cosmetics companies put much effort into their formulas. Facial treatments have never been more complex or multi-functional. The more advanced the formula, the more important the delivery system to ensure it performs exactly as it was intended. Yonwoo's Auto-Loading Dropper promises exactly that, offering a high-end airless solution for precise dosing control.


Now you can create your own well pump! Based on Yonwoo's best-selling pack, the Modular Well Pump allows you to pick and choose the components you need to create the product that's right for you.


Quadpack Group presents another first in dispensing technologies. Developed by manufacturing partner Yonwoo, the Presto system comprises a pump which features a unique push button alongside a dispensing hole. Pressing it down automatically opens the valve, dispensing a controlled dosage onto the disc (up to 1.5cc), where it can be swiped off with a sponge, cotton wool disc or your finger.


The popularity of droppers has led to a host of launches using this type of pack. Available in various formats, they offer an ideal delivery system for high-value serums, lotions, oils and even liquid make-up. At the luxury end of the market, however, there is little that is new in terms of aesthetics. Quadpack Group now meets that need with two proposals for premium brands.


Following the success of Yonwoo's Soft Body range, Quadpack has introduced additional pack sizes to enable cosmetic companies to expand product lines. The Soft Body range features rounded, feminine curves and, where necessary, can offer all the protection of Yonwoo's patented airless technology.


Getting kids to wash their hands is always a challenge, but here's some good news: Quadpack has a way to help make them less averse to using soap. Apollo’s range of foamers can now be delivered with actuators customised to a brand. Using bespoke moulds, fun new shapes can be created to complement brands aimed at the child and baby care market.


Consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products is increasing, particularly in the cosmetics sector. Cosmetics companies are responding with new organic ranges, but they do not need to stop there. Yonwoo’s Jumbo Natural takes eco-friendly one step further by offering a pack that’s more natural than ever.


No matter how effective an airless container is, there is usually a degree of air contact inside the actuator. Now, Yonwoo has addressed this issue with a clever innovation: the Shut-Off Nozzle. Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle prevents air re-entry and bulk exit through the actuator of an airless container.


Personal skin care plans are all the rage, with anti-ageing serums at the heart of the treatment. A new trend is now emerging that takes tailored skin care to the next level. While still in its infancy, France is leading the way with personalised formulations mixed in store or at home. And droppers provide the ideal delivery system.


Developed by Quadpack manufacturing partner Apollo using its patented technology, the Comb Foamer allows the user to easily spread the product over the desired area, with no mess involved.


Pansticks are not just for foundation. With their easy twist-and-use functionality, pansticks are becoming increasingly popular for make-up, suncare, babycare and other OTC products. Quadpack pansticks are fully sealed to keep the product moist throughout its use.


Absolution’s well pump developed by Quadpack has now scooped up three awards since its launch. L’Eau Soir et Matin eau démaquillante won the Wallpaper Design awards 2010, the 2010 PCD Care category award by Jury selection and the Special Jury Prize at the Beauty Challenger Awards.


It’s just what consumers are asking for: a cosmetics pack that’s light, easy to use, fits in their handbag and contains everything they need. Yonwoo’s travel-friendly Duo Airless pack ticks all the boxes. For cosmetics companies, too, as it offers strong formula protection, excellent product compatibility and easy filling.


Colours equal sales. Over 90 per cent of purchases are made at point of sale, so the usual white foamers will hardly catch the eye. Now, Korean manufacturer Apollo can produce foam packs in glorious colours that truly stand out on the shelf – without penalty.


Supermarkets, perfumery chains and high street retailers looking to launch their own skin care brand now have a competitive option in Premi’s Pure range. Exclusively available from Quadpack, the Pure range is Quadpack’s first offering specifically targeted at mass market skin care.


Finger Touch is Yonwoo’s latest airless container for the precise application of sensitive formulas. Using Finger Touch is akin to using one's own finger to apply facial skincare products. It features a flexible, finger-shaped applicator and ergonomic actuator, making it easy to apply the product to the delicate eye area.


Hot on the heels of the twin chamber trend is Yonwoo's Twin Mix Airless. Now consumers can mix their skin treatment whenever they want, without hassle and in the correct dosage, all the while safeguarding formula integrity through Yonwoo's patented airless technology.


Sleek, slim and ultra-feminine. The 6.5ml Spot Pen brush is the latest pack in Yonwoo’s Spot Pen range. This range of airless pens is designed for precision dosage, at 0.15ml per stroke, and features an easy-to-use, lockable button to activate the flow of the product.


Nothing engages consumers more than having the power to transform the product. At the press of a button, Quadpack Twin Mix pack releases a powder into a serum, bringing the formula to life. A pipette dropper for local application further adds value to the pack.


Yonwoo has reissued its Well Pump especially for nail polish removal. Based on the popular Well Pump introduced by Quadpack for toner and make-up remover products, the pack has been repurposed to resist the abrasive effects of acetone-based formulas.


Cosmetics brands that need the protection of airless technology but prefer the aesthetics of glass now have the answer. Quadpack has recently announced that it will be distributing Yonwoo’s Crystal Round range. Adding a new twist to the classic Boston Round, Crystal is made of PETG, but is constructed to look like glass.


Cosmetic companies planning to launch a mass market skincare, make-up or OTC product should look to Yonwoo’s latest addition to its airless Econo line: the Yonwoo Simple Look. This low-cost pack offers multiple advantages, including easy filling, excellent compatibility and a high production output capability of up to 100,000 pieces a day.


There’s nothing like foam for deep cleansing treatments, and Apollo’s Silicone Brush Pump from international cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack transforms formulas into luxurious, soft-textured foam, that spreads easily onto the skin by way of a smooth silicone applicator.


Many of the new creams, gels, and oils available are sensitive formulas and need strong protection. Some may even react with something as innocuous as air, and even the best airless containers on the market suffer from a degree of air re-entry through the nozzle. Until now. Quadpack now offers Yonwoo’s Airless Shut-Off Nozzle, which ensures that even advanced formulas will not lose effectiveness.


Quadpack Group has put in place a strategy to penetrate the Swiss beauty market. Directed from Quadpack France, dedicated resources have been allocated to grow Quadpack's business and better service its clients in the region.


What kind of foamer is right for your brand? Whether it's premium, OTC, travel-sized or eco-friendly, Quadpack now offers foamers as complete packs, ready to be personalised to your requirements. With a choice of HDPE and PET bottles in different capacities, the entire range is endowed with Apollo's patented foam technology.


From sunscreens to liquid foundations, tottles are the ideal solution for fluid formulas. Their flexible walls and upside-down actuators enable easy dispensing. The choice on the market, however, is limited to either low-cost, low-quality tottles or expensive, high-end options.


Use it upside down or sideways, squeeze harder to increase the dosage, use circular movements for a massaging effect. Quadpack's new range of Roll-On tubes puts users in control of applying the product. They are satisfying to use and the formula glides evenly over the skin's surface.


New from Yonwoo is Qure, the ideal solution for packaging cosmeceutical treatments. The airless pack enhances efficacy claims with its clinical design. Yonwoo's airless technology preserves and protects the formula from external contamination. Qure is perfect for treatments that come in programmes, such as anti-ageing or lifting serums, wrinkle fillers and skin correctors.


It is a symphony of strength and feminine beauty. Dahlia is the newest addition to the Quadpack AirGlass family. This exciting range features an outer glass container, adorned by anodised aluminium accessories, surrounding a protective core of Yonwoo airless technology.


Responding to popular demand for twin chamber packs, Quadpack is pleased to introduce the Yonwoo Twist and Mix. A variation on the Twin Mix Airless, Twist and Mix is easy to use, engaging consumers by empowering them to activate the formula as and when desired.


Increasing demand for formula protection has led Yonwoo to expand its popular Shut-Off series. The Shut-Off nozzle offers the ultimate in airless technology, preventing air re-entry and bulk exit through the pump actuator of a container. The extended range now features the complete Jumbo range.


Quadpack introduces a sophisticated new foamer that meets today’s demands for increased sustainability. The Eco Foamer uses a recycled PET (rPET) bottle sourced locally in Europe. This is combined with the superior performance of Apollo’s foam pumps. With high-end decoration options including colour matching and metallised collars, this product is especially suitable for luxury organic brands.


High-tech SPF formulas deserve advanced packaging concepts. Enter the tottle – an attractive, practical solution for sunscreens. A layered composition can protect the formula inside, while its inherent ‘bounce-back’ flexibility means that every last drop can be squeezed out, an important selling point in today’s marketplace.


There’s nothing like glorious sunshine to lift the spirits, warm the soul and give skin a healthy-looking tan. However, as cosmetics companies know, sun can spell ‘danger’ for skin. Quadpack’s sun care ranges can help deliver the formula in optimum condition.


Quadpack's new range of Brush Tubes offer a sophisticated solution to apply cosmetics and lotions. Simply squeeze the tube and brush the formula onto the skin, in gentle strokes that instil feelings of pure wellbeing. With a high-end brush applicator and an open/close valve system, application is soft, smooth and precise – and resistant to leakage.


Cool glass, a clean silhouette and the perfect dimensions for body care products. Ice is the latest addition to Quadpack's glass catalog, offering an elegant, minimalist base, ready to be decorated. Available in 100 and 150ml, Ice has a cylindrical shape with a screw-top neck, especially adapted for fluid formulas like tonics, cleansing waters and skin care lotions.


Quadpack's new Eco PP Jar is an attractive proposition for natural, organic and cosmeceutical formulas. Entirely made of polypropylene, from the base to the cap, it is 100% recyclable and offers excellent compatibility. Its competitive price point makes it ideal for house brands and other mass market offerings, though its decoration options can ensure a look suitable for any masstige product.


Quadpack's new Auto-Loading Droppers provide a scientific solution for precision dosage – one that engages users and draws them closer to your brand. Using the dropper adds to the experience of a beauty product, making each precious drop treasured and appreciated. The mechanism is ingenious yet simple. Twisting the cap open automatically charges the correct dose of 0.5ml.


OTC/cosmeceutical brands looking for a more cosmetic look for their face creams may find the answer in Quadpack's new 50ml Acrylic Jar. The latest member of the Q-Line range, it offers minimalistic elegance, an attractive price/performance ratio and excellent product compatibility. What's more, the 50ml jar is complemented by a 5ml mini size, allowing for travel packs or sample packs to warm up product launches.


The lasting appeal of Yonwoo's Well Pump has turned it into a Quadpack best-seller. Combine it with a hot trend and it becomes a sure winner. Quadpack has now introduced the Slim Well Pump, a stylish pack with a slender silhouette. Echoing the enduring slimline trend, the Slim Well Pump is hygienic and fun to use. A flip-top cap allows one-handed use. Once open, press a cotton wool pad onto a disc actuator, to release a perfect dose of the liquid.


Quadpack has launched its first range of packs focused on body products: the 'Body Care Collection'. Applying its recognized expertise in skin care, this elegant compilation of packaging concepts offers all the sophistication and style of a high-end cosmetics range. The Body Care Collection comprises packaging solutions for the nine most popular treatments, from body lotion to hair oil. Each pack features component parts carefully selected from the most suitable manufacturers according to functionality, compatibility and aesthetics.


The benefits of airless technology are now available in a playful yet elegant pack. New from Yonwoo is this colourful 50ml container, perfect for skin care brands targeting a young, vibrant audience. With a neck ring available in any Pantone colour, the Airless Point Neck can be used for a range of colour-coded products or simply match a brand's signature colour.


Quadpack Group presents a packaging concept that brings together all the elements required to create a sumptuous, premium skin care programme aimed squarely at the prestige end of the market. The 2 week programme concept is based around Yonwoo's Mini Airless Syringe housed with 14 mini acrylic jars and an exclusive zamak spatula, inside a luxury coffret.


The 3 Mesh Foamer from Quadpack Group uses Apollo's patented technology, designed with different meshes, to produce a greater volume of rich, luxurious foam that spreads easily onto the skin. The foamer has been constructed with three fine meshes. The liquid formula is forced through each of these in order to obtain smaller bubbles. The resulting foam is therefore velvety soft rather than soapy, in addition to being more voluminous. Furthermore, the richness of the foam lasts longer before turning back to liquid.


Yonwoo Europe proudly took part in Cherry Pack, L'Oréal’s annual innovation forum, for the third consecutive year in Paris last November. The two-day event allowed the team to present 23 exclusive packaging concepts from Yonwoo to L'Oréal’s top decision makers.


Of all the milestones in the beauty packaging industry over the last decades, the development of airless packaging is one of the most game-changing. Congratulations therefore must go to Yonwoo – pioneer and continued leader in the airless field. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Korean company has developed high-tech airless solutions for major cosmetics companies around the globe, conquering the European and Antipodean markets in partnership with Quadpack.


Our series of 10th anniversary news items continues, with an interview with our most long-standing client, Natura Bissé. Senior VP of Marketing Patricia Fisas recounts how the beauty market has changed and looks back on a working relationship that has spanned a decade.


Quadpack is proud to introduce the Apollo Ultimate Foamer, the world's first foam pump designed with no metal parts in the product path. Apollo’s patented construction is engineered for optimum product stability. This makes it ideal for sensitive formulas including baby care lotions, facial cleansers and hair treatments.