Controlled application and efficiency in a recyclable bottle. The Charismo Droppers by Quadpack are an optimal packaging solution for formulas that require precise dosage, with reduced risk of skin contact and contamination.


As a global provider for fragrance, skincare and make-up packaging, Quadpack has created three discovery sets that offer all the pampering elements that will help stimulate consumers’ good feelings. Combining trends like personalisation, small dosage, sustainability and cleanliness, these packs are an invitation to take a sensory journey.


Quadpack’s Multi-Use Foundation Bottle is perfect for highlighters or foundation/concealer formulas thanks to its flocked applicator that allows usage in specific areas, while its pump dispenser can also allow the user to apply makeup in the classic way.


Twice a year, Quadpack managers, sales teams, designers, technicians and executives get together at the company’s global HQ in Barcelona for the Roadshow. It’s an exciting, inspiring event, where future trends in beauty packaging are presented. These predictions are based on solid market research, an intimate study of shifts in social and consumer behaviour, and most importantly, feedback from Quadpack’s clients and customers.


A new consciousness is changing the way consumers look at packaging. In the quest for sustainable formats, there is a return to natural materials. Quadpack’s ever-expanding YouWood collection rides this new natural wave in style. YouWood’s attractive wooden caps, lids and cases are crafted at Quadpack’s own manufacturing facilities using ash wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed forests – an asset to any brand.


Quadpack has developed a high-tech gesture for lipsticks with the new Magnetic Stylo; a stylish lipstick case that closes magnetically with the snip of a click! Its elongated shape is designed for slanted tip lipsticks, a design cue that denotes a premium product. It is crafted in shiny metal, a material that communicates luxury, is cool to touch, and can be decorated with a wide range of techniques, from anodizing, to embossing and silkscreen printing.


The curse is broken! The days of leaking creams and shattered powder in your handbag are over, thanks to today’s new solid formulas. They save us from spillage and perform just as well as liquid or powder products. With on-the-go beauty and personal care high on the list of consumers’ priorities, it's no wonder that these practical, easily-transportable products continue to gain traction. Quadpack's latest stick from Yonwoo is the perfect travel-sized container for the new generation of skincare, make-up and fragrance balms.


The YouWood range recently launched by Quadpack's Make-Up Division has a small but powerful new member: an airtight glass pot. Designed for 24-hour products such as gel eyeliner, lip colour or creamy eye shadow, this attractive 4ml jar boasts some special features.


Soft and creamy formulas are wonderful for luscious lips. Their texture can pose a challenge for the packaging, however. As the bullet is screwed up and down, there is a risk that it gets bent out of shape or, worse, that it breaks off. Yonwoo has engineered a lipstick with a ground-breaking mechanism that neatly circumvents the problem: ST Lipstick, now available from Quadpack.


Is any packaging material more precious than wood? Its texture, its smell, its finish all touch the senses in a way that reaches you on an emotional level. And when it’s responsibly sourced, it sends a powerful message about sustainability. Now, make-up brands who have such a story to tell can choose from a beautiful new collection of wooden packaging from Quadpack’s Make-Up Division: YouWood.


Quadpack’s Skincare Division is extending its range of luxury jars with Arno, a high-end acrylic jar that’s perfect for premium brands. Designed in-house and manufactured at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding facility, Arno is a shining star in the Q-Line range.


Some days, you prefer to go natural; others you prefer a little more coverage. Yonwoo's Dual Dish allows you to decide on the spot. This airless cream jar has two compartments for moisturiser and foundation – or any other winning combination that your brand devises. These are pumped separately into a central mixing dish where they can be blended and applied with fingertips or a brush.


The 22nd edition of Cosmoprof Asia will see Quadpack as an exhibitor for the first time, introducing its new Asia Pacific team in the Cosmopack segment of the show. On display will be the finest packaging solutions from Quadpack's portfolio, dressed up to inspire, in a variety of attractive designs.


Soft, long-wearing lipsticks are the busy woman's best friend. On the go all day and perhaps all night, these little helpers ensure the perfect pout, with colour that won't kiss off. Such hard-working formulas need hard-working packs. Now, Quadpack's Make-Up Division puts a high-tech proposal within the scope of mass market brands. Suitable for any lipstick and lipbalm formulation, its new Q-Line Airtight Lipstick has added features which help keep soft, long-lasting formulas fresh and ready.


The gala dinner of the Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 on 13 September in London was a very special night for beauty packaging provider Quadpack Industries, as it scooped up two major awards. Quadpack was announced the winner in both the 'Personal Care' and 'Luxury Packaging Supplier of the Year' categories.


The no-water trend is growing and with it, a fast-expanding range of dry formulas. Beyond their water-saving properties, powders have the capacity to delight, as the formula is ejected in a magical cloud. Baby powder, shimmering body powder, SPF powder, face powder, fragrance dusting powder; these are just some of the products available on the market today, with many more to follow.


Apply, perfect, carry on. Make-up application is becoming more professional by demand, but not at the cost of convenience. Consumers want expert tools that save time and make their life easier. The Dual Slim Jumbo is designed to offer exactly that: a practical jumbo stick that helps you make up your face like an artist.


The popular Q-Line Liquid Foundation range has expanded. Answering market demand for greater precision and convenience, the new addition features a wand with a flocked doe foot applicator. The flock tip makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to apply liquid products, especially two-in-one formulas such as foundation and concealer.


Today's busy women don’t want to waste time having to touch up their make-up too often. That's why brands are offering 24h formulas that stay fresh all day. To support this trend, Quadpack's Make-Up Division has made a new introduction into its catalogue: the Airtight Glass Pot.


Impeccably groomed eyebrows are the focal point of today's make-up look. Achieving it requires the right products, packaged in a way that enables you to apply it correctly. Quadpack's product range has expanded to help you do just that. The latest addition is the Comb Pen, designed for easy and controlled application of brow treatment and colour.


Quadpack Group's new Maxi Jumbo is one packaging solution that helps accomplish a picture-perfect look in minutes. An evolution of the panstick, Maxi Jumbo has cup size 18 for larger-volume make-up. It is designed to enable quick, consistent coverage all over the facial area. This is a facestick ideal for foundation, blush and highlighter, but its use can extend to skin care, sun care and even solid perfume.


The Liquid Foundation range from Quadpack has expanded. The popular Q-Line family now has a new member specifically designed for blush. Its 15ml capacity is just right for liquid face products such as blusher and highlighter, while perfectly complementing the rest of the 30ml range. With this new addition, brands can launch a great-looking collection of liquid foundations that's elegant and consistent across the board.


Pansticks are perfect for make-up, local applications, face care, sun care and even solid perfumes. Quadpack's new Double Panstick provides an additional advantage that puts it squarely in line with the 'beauty on the go' trend. This neat portable pack enables consumers to carry their beauty essentials around anywhere they go. A cylindrical stick that's perfect for touch-ups throughout the day.


When it comes to engineering, functionality is king and Quadpack Group's new silicone-free lipstick mechanism improves on standard designs, requiring no lubricant and delivering exceptional performance. A line extension of Quadpack's range, this new design is aimed at brands looking for a high-end solution at the premium end of the market.


Using a dropper is effortless with Quadpack's new addition to its range. Easy Dropper offers a new gesture that makes it straightforward and fun to use. With a 30ml blown glass bottle and a host of decoration options, this new solution will support any brand looking for a premium, highly-functional dropper with a difference.


The Glass Pot is an extension of Quadpack's range of airtight pots. Designed for eye formulas like eyeliner gel or creamy eyeshadow, it is made of glass and wood, two natural materials that transform it from a mere container into something you'll want to keep. What's more, with great compatibility and an airtight closure, its technical specifications offer high formula protection.


Quadpack Group presents another first in dispensing technologies. Developed by manufacturing partner Yonwoo, the Presto system comprises a pump which features a unique push button alongside a dispensing hole. Pressing it down automatically opens the valve, dispensing a controlled dosage onto the disc (up to 1.5cc), where it can be swiped off with a sponge, cotton wool disc or your finger.


Make-up brands targeting fashion-conscious teens: check out Unit Pact! This neat little rectangle lets consumers build their own palette, by slotting together different colours. A complete, portable 3ml make-up kit can be assembled by combining lip balms, blusher and eye shadow. With optional aluminium godets, this fun DIY set is ideal for girls and young women who like to mix'n'match according to their moods.


No matter how effective an airless container is, there is usually a degree of air contact inside the actuator. Now, Yonwoo has addressed this issue with a clever innovation: the Shut-Off Nozzle. Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle prevents air re-entry and bulk exit through the actuator of an airless container.


Pansticks are not just for foundation. With their easy twist-and-use functionality, pansticks are becoming increasingly popular for make-up, suncare, babycare and other OTC products. Quadpack pansticks are fully sealed to keep the product moist throughout its use.


Quadpack has released a comprehensive collection of lipstick and panstick packs. Glamorous, subtle, romantic - a wide range of formats is available to support a brand and enhance a consumer's experience when using a cosmetic product.


Yonwoo’s latest 2-in-1 Concealer packs add a touch of style to cosmetic products. Available as either Jumbo jars or tubes, the Dual range is ideal for foundation with concealer or other two-part treatments. These innovative packs feature a flip-top cap with optional mirror, which doubles as a container. The cap snaps or screws off to open the jar or tube containing the bulk.


Sleek, slim and ultra-feminine. The 6.5ml Spot Pen brush is the latest pack in Yonwoo’s Spot Pen range. This range of airless pens is designed for precision dosage, at 0.15ml per stroke, and features an easy-to-use, lockable button to activate the flow of the product.


Quadpack has recently presented Brivaplast’s new Artist line. This range of make-up brushes combines the performance of professional brushes with Brivaplast’s special bi-injected wiper. This patented technology ensures perfect dosage, avoids overflow and allows effortless closure after use.


No matter how advanced the formula, a mascara is only as good as the pack that delivers it. Brivaplast mascara packs, available from Quadpack, are engineered to make the formula work. No clumps, longer length, extra volume – Brivaplast’s high-tech design enables brand owners to deliver on their claims.


Use it upside down or sideways, squeeze harder to increase the dosage, use circular movements for a massaging effect. Quadpack's new range of Roll-On tubes puts users in control of applying the product. They are satisfying to use and the formula glides evenly over the skin's surface.


True to its mission, Quadpack has taken a trending product and improved on its design. The new Jumbo stick enables beauty brands to launch a high-performance pen for lip or eye colour. Co-developed with lipstick specialist Brivaplast, this exceptional product introduces two important technical enhancements.


Quadpack's new range of Brush Tubes offer a sophisticated solution to apply cosmetics and lotions. Simply squeeze the tube and brush the formula onto the skin, in gentle strokes that instil feelings of pure wellbeing. With a high-end brush applicator and an open/close valve system, application is soft, smooth and precise – and resistant to leakage.


Quadpack Group company, Technotraf Wood Packaging, has broken the mould once again with its new Wooden Compact. A stunning blend of sophistication and environmentally-friendly material, the compact is crafted from wood sourced from sustainable forests certified by the PEFC. The Wooden Compact is expertly hewn from maple wood for an exceptionally smooth finish. Maple endows feminine elegance to the pack, with its unique texture that appeals to the senses.


Part of Quadpack's own Q-Line collection, the Magnetic Lipstick has been designed for the contemporary consumer. Its sleek, minimalist form denotes prestige, while its heavy weight will make it stand out and easy to find in large designer handbags and make-up purses. Extra weight can be added to both the body and cap for even greater tangibility.


Today's young women lead busy lives and need cosmetics that are quick and easy to use, fitting into their busy lifestyle. Quadpack's 10g Blush Pot offers a playful concept that's totally on trend: Designed for direct application to both cheeks and lips. Use the product straight from the pack - just dab it on and then blend it out - quick, easy and the perfect size to slip into a handbag.


Quadpack's Make-Up Divsion has released a new airtight version of Jumbo Stick, its high-performance pen for lip or eye colour. Part of the growing Q-Line make-up range, the new format is specifically designed for long-lasting formulae, keeping them fresh inside a sealed container that helps prevent them from drying out.


Yonwoo Europe proudly took part in Cherry Pack, L'Oréal’s annual innovation forum, for the third consecutive year in Paris last November. The two-day event allowed the team to present 23 exclusive packaging concepts from Yonwoo to L'Oréal’s top decision makers.


Glass headlines once again, as we proudly announce our comprehensive new range of glass nail polish bottles. As part of our corporate drive into colour cosmetics, these nail polish bottles round out Quadpack's growing make-up selection, which already includes foundation pens, pan sticks, lipsticks, mascaras and facial cosmetic containers.