Refilling is fun with a jar that pops!

Quadpack’s PP-Pop Jar is a monomaterial solution with an engaging refill gesture

Pop it once, pop it twice, pop it over and over again. Reusing your favourite beauty products has never been so easy, or so much fun! The new PP-Pop Jar from Quadpack is a playful solution for refillable cosmetics, with a fresh new gesture. The inner cartridge, once finished, is ejected by pushing it up from the bottom, producing an audible ‘pop’. The refill is then simply inserted from the top.

Karen Merchán, Category Manager – Skincare said: “Refill concepts only work if they are effortless and engaging and PP-Pop Jar ticks all the boxes. It’s easy and clean to refill and the pop gesture makes it really satisfying. It’s also compatible with most formulations and, above all, it’s one of our most sustainable solutions.”

The jar’s minimal components comprise a ring-shaped outer, a thermo-sealed inner, a shive and a cap – and nothing else; no false bottoms and no superfluous material. Made entirely of polypropylene, PP-Pop Jar boasts an ‘Advanced’ level of sustainability according to Quadpack's PIP (positive impact packaging) rating system. The cap and outer jar can also incorporate up to 75% PCR or Ocean Bound Plastic. Life-cycle assessments indicate significant improvements in water use and carbon footprint in the PCR versions.

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml capacities, PP-Pop Jar is ideal for face, body and hair products. Brands can get creative with decoration on the various components, to complement the gesture, for an exciting user experience.

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