Quadpack News

Quadpack News


Download the Quadpack iPad App!

The complete, up-to-date Quadpack product catalogue is at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you want. Hundreds of products stored on a single device, categorised, with detailed specifications, all searchable by keyword for your convenience.

“The Quadpack iPad App is the easiest, most effective and eco-friendly way to keep up to date with what’s new at Quadpack. It’s the only App in the industry that automatically synchronises the product catalogue with the web site and WEBpackaging.com,” explained Lars Hoffmann, COO of WebPac, Quadpack’s web partner and developer of the new application.

All information can be downloaded to the iPad and is updated whenever you are connected to the internet. Any changes, updates and additions are automatically flagged. This means that it remains available even if you are offline, making the App a true replacement for printed literature.

What’s more, any part of the App, including catalogue items, can be forwarded directly to an email address, making it a great way to copy new trend information to your inbox or inform a colleague of an interesting new product.

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