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Sustainability and Innovation in the spotlight

Quadpack promotes collaboration with supply partners in Hong Kong

As Sustainability and Innovation are key priorities for Quadpack and the global consumer market, the organisation feels the responsibility to work with supply partners from all regions to establish a new way of doing business, where collaboration is the new competition. On November 13, 2019, Quadpack held a dedicated suppliers’ conference on Sustainability and Innovation in Hong Kong to facilitate this new era of partnerships. Held during the 2019 edition of Cosmopack Asia, in attendance were Quadpack’s top 20 Asia supply partners.

To promote open dialogue across these two key themes, roundtable discussions were held featuring representatives from Quadpack and supplier partners. Meanwhile, partners who had delivered exceptional performance to the business in 2019 were later recognized through an awards ceremony. The categories were Supplier of the Year, Best Supply Partnership, Best Sustainability and Best Innovation.

“To deliver our joint Sustainability and Innovation goals and ambitions, we will continue to foster best in class supplier partnerships globally, collaborating, co-creating and learning from best practices. We are stronger together”, says Raj Savji, Quadpack’s Sourcing and Supply Director.

Quadpack aims to add value to its partners, innovating not only in products, but also in processes and relationships, exploring joint opportunities and supporting their needs. “We believe profit is a consequence, and we want to do so by empowering our suppliers, strengthening Quadpack’s position as a first-choice partner”, explains Tim Eaves, Quadpack’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Since its foundation in 2003, Quadpack has been increasingly investing in Sustainability and Innovation, from the design of its products to materials choice, from efficient processes to transportation. As sustainability has become a foundation for Quadpack’s businesses, suppliers are invited to partner with the organisation on finding new solutions for the challenging times that are coming.

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