Corporate Social Responsibility

The beauty of sustainability

Quadpack celebrates beauty – especially our inner beauty and that of the world around us. We want to share our success wherever we are present in the world. That’s why our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy touches everything we do, from the products we develop, to the way we connect with our local communities. It informs our behaviour, our policies and our relationships within the industry. Our CSR activities focus on our social, environmental and economic impact, striving to seek a perfect balance.

Social: The global village

As a business, we are made up of people. We foster a working environment based on equality and respect, with an emphasis on personal development. Professionally, we adhere to ethical practices and demand the same from our partners. We encourage our global supply chain to embrace CSR in defining social policies projects and initiatives. Beyond our professional sphere, we reach out to our local communities, providing support through Quadpack Foundation, our charitable arm.

Environmental: The beauty of nature

With a presence on four continents, environmental sustainability is a priority for us. Our CSR strategy works to reduce our – and our manufacturing partners’ – impact at our factories and offices, considering waste reduction, green energy and emissions control to name a few. In terms of product offer, our designers are researching sustainable materials and solutions that meet the needs of today’s beauty brands. Supply chain and logistics operations are continually under review, with a view to minimising the carbon footprint of our solutions.

Economic: Financial sustainability

As a company made up of over 500 people worldwide, we have a responsibility to safeguard their – and their dependents’ – livelihoods. We ensure financial sustainability by minimising risk through efficient processes, a hybrid product portfolio and other risk reduction practices. However, the beauty industry never stands still. That’s why we foster innovation and development, so we are ready meet the needs of tomorrow’s market and even guide its direction in some way.

Our CSR mission

Quadpack Industries is committed to achieving the highest standards in sustainable development through its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which defines accountable procedures across its operations, in order to ensure a positive impact on the social and environmental situation in the areas in which it is present, as well as long-term economic performance for its staff and stakeholders.


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