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L'Occitane elects a Quadpack airless for Cade facial serum for men

Personal care for men is a rising trend. As men take increasing care of their appearance, brands are creating ranges that target the needs of this unique demographic. The Cade for Men range from French natural beauty brand L'Occitane is a perfect example.

The latest addition, Cade Protective Moisturising Fluid, is inspired by the true stories of the shepherds of the Provence. Launched this summer, the formula is itself protected by an airless Yonwoo container developed by Quadpack.

The 30ml container holds the advanced formula in an airless environment, keeping it free from external contaminants. This keeps it protected, while prolonging the shelf life. Yonwoo's patented Check Valve system prevents seep-back after each actuation of the product, further protecting the formula.

The pack is developed from Yonwoo's Simple Look, an elegant, cylindrical bottle. Dosage is a precise 0.20cc per stroke. Its lockable actuator means no cap is needed, all in all, making it easy and straightforward to use – exactly what a man is looking for in a cosmetic product, packaged in a way that encourages repeat usage.

The bottle has been adorned for L'Occitane with a matt metallised collar and rim base. The rim base adds stability and a robust look-and-feel that appeals to the product's target audience. The bottle has been colour-matched the distinct orange/brown hue that distinguishes the Cade for Men range.

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