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Natio's new foundation in bold new Quadpack brush strokes

Australian women like many others around the globe love an effortless make-up experience. Natio, the Australian brand that specializes in natural beauty products, has achieved this for its new foundation at the touch of a Quadpack brush.

Part of the Precious Petals colour range, Natio's Silken Finish Foundation balances skin tone and conceals redness and imperfections. Its no-cake formula, which is infused with Vitamin E, argan oil and pure mineral pigments, demanded a dispenser that would provide a soft-finish result and found the perfect solution in the 30mm Brush Tube from Quadpack.

A soft, built-in brush heightens the sensorial experience and delivers a feathery finish. Users need not worry about spills and leakage either, as an on-off valve function keeps the formula sealed and guarded from external contaminants when the lid is on.

Furthermore, Quadpack customized the product with a luxurious, nude treatment finishing of silkscreen print and pearl varnish in order to match the product's tones of light and medium.

Quadpack's Brush Tube is part of a range of special applicator tubes conceived to provide end-to-end solutions for innovative beauty products. Consisting of brushes in varying widths, droppers and single and tri-ball roll-ons, they take the art of make-up to the next, high-tech level.

The 30mm Brush Tube from Quadpack which was chosen by Natio can be viewed in the catalog.

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