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Quadpack News


Excellence in design: Quadpack's new colour stick

True to its mission, Quadpack has taken a trending product and improved on its design. The new Jumbo stick enables beauty brands to launch a high-performance pen for lip or eye colour. Co-developed with lipstick specialist Brivaplast, this exceptional product introduces two important technical enhancements.

First, the Jumbo stick features a redesigned mechanism to prevent tilting. As a result, the colour bullet twists up and down in a perfect, straight line, preventing damage and making application easier and more comfortable.

In addition, the Jumbo stick has a new, Quadpack-registered system for colour identification. This uses coin-shaped, colour-coding discs – which can be decorated with a logo – that snap into the bottom of the pack. In this way, the colour code can be added during final assembly, allowing clients to buy and store the product ahead of time and prepare for a tactical response to market demand. 

When placed upside-down in a retail display, the colour reference is visible without removing the pack from the stand. Alternatively, metal bottom is also available. All pack elements can be decorated using a host of techniques to create a lip or eye colour pen that looks great – and functions perfectly.

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