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Beauty on the go: Packaging trends seen by Quadpack

The pressure is on for today's busy woman. Increased self-consciousness, pushed by the pressure of social media, compounds her accelerated life rhythm, nurturing the demand for smart beauty products. These must allow beauty routines to be applied anytime, anywhere. Packaging providers are responding with ever more innovative solutions, riding the wave of this rising trend: Beauty on the go.


Portability is one of the key defining features of this trend. In make-up, formulas are poured in sticks, while new designs harness the traditionally 'messy' products like liquid foundation, loose powders and nail polish, offering elegant solutions that are easy to carry. Whatever the formula, it needs to stay firmly closed to prevent leakage in handbags, so airtight closures are in high demand.

Purse sprays are popular in fragrance, fitting neatly in a handbag. Solid perfumes are also on the rise, being eminently portable and convenient.

In skin care, the traditional kit containing personal care essentials is evolving. Where previously we saw portable sizes of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion in a handy toiletry bag, we are now seeing new variants from sun care to home spa, ranging from mass market to premium. Secondary packaging is playing a bigger role here, with vanity bags becoming more sophisticated and fashionable.


Sizes are changing, too. Mini-sizes and travel formats are still trending, but the new phrase being heard on the market now is 'right-sizing'. Smaller than standard and larger than mini, these new capacities allow products to be portable, while containing enough not to run out after a couple of uses. Key here is the elimination of waste. With beauty products now labelled with sell-by dates, it is becoming clear that packs may contain more than can be used before the formula expires. Mid-sized – or right-sized – packs ensure safety, save money and avoid waste. A winning combination.

In perfumery, too, new sizes are coming out. Niche brands are launching 'discovery kits', offering three to five fragrances in mid-sized bottles of around 10ml. These allow consumers to try out a new range without the investment of a standard size or the annoyance of running out quickly. Having said that, miniatures are seeing something of a revival, especially collectors' editions or duty free formats.


Beauty on the go means effortless and convenient application. New make-up packaging concepts are offering multi-functional solutions, allowing women to do their make-up and touch-ups anywhere or even change their look from day to night easily.

Multiple products are combined in a single pack. Two- or three-in-one packs enable women to carry their favourite combinations of lip and cheek colour or foundation and concealer. Applicators are also being integrated into the pack, such as brushes, sponges or eyebrow combs. In skin care, too, droppers and spray pumps are being built into tubes, for example, for easy dispensing in any location.

Packaging is playing a starring role in the beauty on the go trend and will continue to do so for some time yet. Dry formulas, single doses, mini make-up sprays and other innovative concepts will make their way from the blue sky onto the shelves in the next few months. Soon, there will be no excuse not to look your best, wherever you are!

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