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Quadpack wraps Jean Patou's purse sprays in velvet

Scent is the one sense that impacts directly on a person's state of mind. Your favourite fragrance can instantly make you feel good and ready to face the world. Carrying it around with you therefore makes sense, which is why Jean Patou issued two of its most popular fragrances – Sublime and Joy – in 10ml sprayers. The bottles come in a velvet pouch developed by Quadpack Group, turning them into something special, while protecting the bottle and making them easy to locate in a handbag.

The perfume purse pouch is made of black faux velvet, with the signature embroidered at the bottom. A simple folding flap tucks in to protect the bottle. The result is a simple yet elegant look with a sumptuous feel.

"Purse spray bottles like these bring many benefits. Avid fans can own all of the fragrances within the range rather than buying full sizes. And their handy size enables them to fit in a purse or handbag. In fact, several bottles can be carried in order to change from day to night when on the move," said Amanda Bocker, head of Quadpack's secondary packaging team.

"The addition of a pouch instantly adds value. A travel format of a fragrance can make it appear less than its standard size counterpart, so enveloping it in a luxurious, velvet wrap has it feeling like something precious again."

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