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Tooth whitening brand looks to make-up packaging for inspiration

Tooth whitening is all the rage. A brilliant smile is now becoming an essential part of any look. And TINT is among the first to provide a simple, effective solution – by cleverly integrating it into the daily make-up routine, using a lipgloss pack from Quadpack.

Unlike other solutions on the market, TINT Instant Bright Teeth Tooth Paint is entirely peroxide-free. The brush-on tooth paint perfects your smile and protects your teeth at the same time. Mark Curry, managing director of the brand, explains:

"It's like make-up for your teeth. And that is why we turned to make-up to look for a packaging solution, involving Quadpack early on in the process."

Working with Boots Contract Manufacturing, Quadpack developed a solution based on a 7ml lipgloss pack. Featuring a simple, classic design, the white bottle and cap come with a brush, which is used to 'paint' the formula onto the teeth. Two coats bring out a subtle sheen, giving the appearance of up to six shades whiter, for a natural look that is not too artificially white.

"The brush gives the dexterity and precision required to spread the formula evenly over the teeth," says Curry. "Quadpack tirelessly tried and tested a host of applicators until we got the right one. The team was immensely flexible; they worked closely with us to transform a ground-breaking concept into a fully realisable product."

TINT was launched in October 2016 and is available at all Boots stores throughout the UK.

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