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Dual Slim Jumbo for practical make-up magic

Apply, perfect, carry on. Make-up application is becoming more professional by demand, but not at the cost of convenience. Consumers want expert tools that save time and make their life easier. The Dual Slim Jumbo is designed to offer exactly that: a practical jumbo stick that helps you make up your face like an artist.

Dual Slim Jumbo is the latest launch of Quadpack's Make-Up Division. It's the embodiment of beauty on the go. One end holds the formula and the other holds an integrated brush or sponge for product blending. Style your brows, blend in your eye shadow, rouge up your cheeks or make those under-eye bags disappear. Dual Slim Jumbo makes it all happen with the swipe of a hand.

Its elongated shape fits comfortably in the hand and your handbag will love it! A bunch of them can fit so you can carry all your essentials wherever you go. Their long-lasting formulas will benefit from the airtight closure, which keeps the products from drying out – making the solution smart, as well as practical.

Silk screening, hot stamping, spray coating, painting and metallising can transform its appearance to match any brand image. Coupled with an elegant silhouette, Dual Slim Jumbo is an attractive pack that's a must-have in any make-up range.

Check out the Dual Slim Jumbo in our online catalogue.

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