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Quadpack trend directive: 3 emerging trends for 2019

Quadpack’s designers have developed three key trends based on architectural, fashion, art and demographic influences. Three trends which can be applied to beauty packaging to create surprising new designs ahead of the curve for forward-looking brands.

1. Elemental Elixir

Elemental Elixir is the space where nature and technology exist in harmony. A trend that blurs the boundaries between the organic and synthetic, it uses materials like minerals, rocks and colour-changing fabrics and a strong colour palette ranging from natural greens to earthy browns and russets.

2. Conscious Self

Conscious Self is all about making a difference, of having the confidence to speak up and change the world for the better. Recycling, upcycling, smart materials and statement art like graffiti and tattoos all define this movement and can be perfectly transferred into packaging with real meaning.

3. Oriental Craft

Oriental Craft represents the power of ancient arts and rituals. A return to basic shapes, coupled with a sense of refinement, it is rooted in Japanese aesthetics as epitomised by arts like origami and ikebana: geometric forms, ceramics and felted fabrics, with black offset by burnt sienna, saffron, indigo and porcelain tones.

If you'd like to know more about these trends and how they can be applied to your brand, please contact your Quadpack representative.

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