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A premium touch to the most exclusive fragrances

The new range of Zamac caps elevates the luxury feeling of Quadpack bottles

Luxury packaging is all about the senses – fine decoration, weighty components and nice touch are some of the features that customers usually connect with sophistication and elegance. Answering to these expectations, Quadpack has just launched its line of Zamac caps.

A mix of zinc, aluminium, copper and magnesium, Zamac is a material that elevates all these sensorial elements: while it’s easily customised with engraving or laser decoration, its heaviness gives a feeling of high quality and refinement.

In order to offer a complete solution for clients, Quadpack has launched these three models of Zamac caps which fit perfectly with its line of fragrance bottles:

- Decade bottle with Yours cap: A classic, elegant shape for exclusive fragrances. The cap has a little recess on top that allows engraving, laser decoration or the insertion of a little plate with the logo of brands or products.
- Kult bottle with Mush cap: The structured angles of both bottle and cap are ideal for bold fragrances that want to impress exigent customers.
- Aristo bottle with Lily cap: The heaviest cap of the collection complements the rounded-shape bottle of Quadpack fragrances family. A delicate mix that transmits comfort and style.

All Zamac caps are designed and developed to fit any Quadpack fragrance bottle. The new additions benefit brands that want to position different collections with varied cap options.

The new caps are available in shiny silver, shiny gold, shiny black and black matte.

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