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Less is more: when buying has meaning

Transparency and sustainability are at the core of this #qppackfuture theme

Conscious consumerism is rising. While people all around the world have been increasingly aware of what’s behind the advertising, paying attention to products’ ingredients and sourcing, in recent times the environmental and social impact of every purchase has also become a general concern. Simple formulas, transparent supply chain and minimised carbon footprint are fundamental prerequisites for a whole generation of consumers who wants to bring meaning to the buying experience.

“People are evaluating what they’re buying and want to make responsible decisions. It doesn’t mean they’re giving up on luxury and beauty; they just want to give a larger purpose to wellness”, explains Katie Hoddinott, Design Team Lead at Quadpack.

This set of behaviours underlies Less is More, one of the themes of #qppackfuture, based on our perspective of how people will live, feel and connect in the next few years. Following this desire for thoughtful purchase, consumers are demanding more sustainable materials that help minimise waste and encourage recyclability. Reduced packaging, monomaterial solutions and easily separable components are highly praised solutions.

Inspired by the Less is More theme, Quadpack’s Design Team developed inspirational prototypes that answer to some of the new consumer’s needs. From a reusable and refillable infuser bottle that allows the user to mix personalised formulas to a premium glass perfume pack that holds two bottles in one, making it a luxurious art object, they hold more than one purpose, adding extra value and longevity to the product.

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