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2024: a year of strategic acceleration

A message from Quadpack CEO Alexandra Chauvigné, reflecting on the developments during 2023 and looking ahead at what’s to come

We keep on saying it, but it’s never been more true: the world is changing fast. The challenges we face in our industry are considerable, from global conflicts and macro-economic pressures, to increasing regulatory demands. Nevertheless, I feel positive. Not just about Quadpack’s solid results in operational performance and profitability, but also about our ability in the beauty sector to embrace changes and transform challenges into opportunities.

These changes are reflected within Quadpack. Looking back, as we celebrated our 20th anniversary, 2023 was a year of firsts: my first as a CEO, the first year of our new strategy, and our first as a B Corp. 

My first year as CEO was about financial resilience in a soft market environment which, with effort and commitment, we achieved, leaving us healthier, leaner and more efficient than ever, with a record EBITDA and our leverage levels under control. Now, we are consolidating our structure, processes and talent to support the strategy long-term, with sustainability and innovation as our key competitive advantages.

Our strategy focuses on a number of pillars: delivering creative product solutions; providing an excellent customer experience; optimising our industrial footprint to regionalise production; developing strategic partnerships for co-creation; and opening the doors to new ventures. Last year, we laid the foundations. The next two years will see it accelerate – and our customers will notice the difference.

In our first year as a B Corp, our purpose – taking care and giving back – became our compass. By putting ESG at the core of our activity, we are seeing our impact reduce and, in some cases, transforming into a positive one. The work of our Quadpack Foundation had a multiplier effect, focused on helping underprivileged youth get a better start in life.

Looking ahead, the market softness is likely to continue, as companies throughout the sector adjust their forecasts. However, our early results are extremely encouraging. The pieces are in place to ensure growth, profit and impact. We have a robust innovation pipeline and exciting plans to transform our customers’ experience. Expect innovations in sustainable product design and a new, intuitive journey to select exactly the right products to help your brand perform – produced and delivered near you!

Which leaves me to wish our clients, partners and colleagues a happy and prosperous new year.

Alexandra Chauvigné, CEO

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