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The metamorphic magic of wood for beauty packaging

From modern luxury to natural looks, dive into a world where wood is a canvas

It’s wood reimagined. This natural material possesses a powerful capacity for storytelling, just waiting to be uncovered. Quadpack’s wood experts have pushed the envelope in decoration to create an inspiring collection of finishes, to support the latest beauty trends and help brands express their identity. Their craftsmanship unveils the many faces of wood, from looks that highlight its natural origins, to bold, sleek finishes that hide it. Together, they reveal how certified wood is as versatile as it is responsible, capable of evoking emotions and engaging the senses, while respecting the natural world.

Mermaid Core

Dive into the mysteries of the deep with aquatic and iridescent hues. Perfectly aligned with the marine-inspired Blue beauty trend, Mermaid Core endows wood with a fairy tale feel that enchants and lifts the spirits.

Paradise in Dystopia

Fantasy and reality come together in a fusion of light, shadow and illusion. These bold finishes support a protopian vision, where life gets a little better, every day – brutalistic and optimistic all at once.

Quiet Luxury

Wood goes incognito. Maple is enhanced with unique finishes to create a look of understated elegance without wood’s natural aesthetics. Matte or glossy, black or white, it’s wood, but shhh… it’s our little secret!

Opulent Luxury

Exuberant, glittering glamour! Wood is dressed in sparkling shades, metallics and extravagant finishes that demand attention – perfect for brands targeting young, confident consumers that celebrate life to the full.

Wood & Only

For those who love the timeless beauty of nature, wood can be treated to highlight the natural grain, for a look of elegant simplicity. With a different pattern in each piece, every product is truly unique in the world!

Basic Primaries

Geometric block shapes washed in primary colours uplift the spirits and elevate style, perfect for brands that are playful, bold and vivacious, with a universal appeal for the young – and the young at heart.

Danish Pastels

A pastel colour palette is applied to a blend of retro and modern design, to express pure Scandi sophistication. Soft pastel wood accessories lend a sweet and gentle touch to clear glass, creating little packaging gems.

All finishes are applied at the Quadpack Wood factory in Spain, on a variety of wood types. Our experts can even mimic the look of exotic species like wenge, using common types like ash, but without the complexities of certification, supply, costs and carbon footprint. The wood used comes from certified, sustainably-managed forests, while the material is safe and non-toxic, even after conversion and finishing*.

Quadpack Wood operates using renewable energy, while a biomass plant converts production waste to fuel temperature control systems and wood drying ovens. Industry 4.0 further ensures energy efficiency, using real-time data from state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.

What story would you like to tell? Unleash your creativity and contact your Quadpack representative.

*Evidenced by eco-toxicity tests at ITENE Research Center, meeting the criteria set out in EN 13432-2001 annex E modifying OECD 208:2006.

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