Quadpack sponsors degree project at ELISAVA design school

The way we experience fragrance is changing. Young consumers have different expectations and want more than a nice scent in an attractive bottle. So how do we relate to fragrance and how can packagers ensure engagement with the new generation? Investigating this topic was Quadpack’s brief to the students at the ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain.

In a new collaboration with the prestigious design school, beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack sponsored the graduate project of the design and engineering class of 2018. Jeremy Garrard, Director of Design & Advanced Technologies, said: “The world is changing and we need new insights to truly innovate and create the right solutions. Moreover, we understand the importance of boosting talent. Part of our vision is to guide and encourage innovative thinking, particularly among students. Our collaboration with ELISAVA is one of our initiatives to help create an environment that stimulates creativity and generates great new ideas.”

Eight students reconsidered our relationship with fragrance and dreamed up new rituals to meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. Among them was Amaia Aranzabal. “The brief was very broad in scope and gave me the freedom to take it to a very personal level. It’s my generation, so I created something for me. Rubén Caño [the project manager assigned by Quadpack] guided us throughout the whole process,” she said. Aranzabal’s proposal, which was nominated in the Best Double-Degree Project category in ELISAVA’s ei! Awards, has been selected for further development by Quadpack. She has now joined Quadpack on Garrard’s team.

Quadpack’s Fragrance Division, who helped determine the brief, will analyse the new insights brought by the students. The division’s head, Isabelle de Maistre, commented: “From the theoretical to the practical, their ideas are impressive.”

Albert Fuster, Academic Director at ELISAVA, was delighted with the success of the project. “I hope it is the beginning of a long collaboration with Quadpack. It is important for us as a school to connect with the real world, to open students’ minds and consider their paths in the long term, enhancing their talent and vision,” he said.

Quadpack has already extended the partnership for next year, with a brief for a project prepared by its Skincare Division.

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