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Quadpack develops refillable airless for Ethical Beauty's anti-ageing range

Ethical Beauty of Milan is driven by a passion for natural beauty. The Italian cosmetics brand produces products using plant-based ingredients that respect the environment. Its vision extends to packaging, where it aims to minimise materials. This is evident in the refill bottles developed by Quadpack Group for its EthicalBio range.

The anti-ageing and blemish control range is beautifully showcased in Yonwoo's 50ml Show Bottle. The container features a spherical bottom, visible through a transparent outer base. The inner bottle is made of recyclable polypropylene and can be purchased as a refill, keeping packaging content to a minimum.

The Show Bottle keeps the product fresh and free from external contamination, thanks to Yonwoo's patented airless technology. Quadpack personalized the outer bottle with EthicalBio's branding, playing with the double wall structure of the pack for an eye-catching look.

EthicalBio is sold in spas and beauty salons across Italy.

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